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Customer support and communication is an issue taken very seriously by The Upgrade Company. We strive to exceed your expectations. 
Please drop us an email or voicemail today.  We promise to reply to your inquiry as fast as possible.
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Contact Info

The Upgrade Company

Customer support and communication is an issue taken very seriously by The Upgrade Company. We strive to exceed your expectations. 
Please drop us an email or voicemail today.  We promise to reply to your inquiry as fast as possible.
Contact Information
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, PST


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Nothing we sell ever comes back.  

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The Upgrade Company would not continue to be A+ rated on the nationwide BBB algorithm month after month unless we were delivering on our promises.

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TimePortal Testimonials

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Every client has paid in full.   No kickbacks, no commissions, no fees of any kind for recommending TimePortal Cables

Cell towers TV radio & stations EMS broadcast RF 10,000+ times louder than a stereo full blast but we can’t hear RF.  Need thick walls around all cables to reduce the amount of RF contamination getting into signal & power cabling.   

Parasound Signature Edition Upgrade and TimePortal Cable Upgrade

Hi David,

Hope all is well. The gear arrived today. I’m so glad I took this route. Luckily, my power conditioner is a universal version. So, the main TimePortal power cord snugged in perfectly.
To say “I’m impressed “ is an understatement. Familiar songs have taken on new meaning. Now I know what the artist and sound engineer wanted the listener to hear.
It’s quite a surreal experience.  A bit like opening up your window curtains to see the sunlight for the first time. It’s like the music is free to express itself. To me, the energy is quite uplifting.  It’s a dramatic change. 
And the gear is not even broken in yet.

Thank you David for sharing your passion. It’s the sound quality I couldn’t afford without your Signature Edition upgrades & TimePortal Cables. 
Blessings from Sydney Australia!

Eddie Silva
Congratulations!! Your TimePortal Statement HDMI cable has bested Audioquest Diamond.  Their best.
I have used several HDMI cables from different manufacturers.  Most recently I liked two from Audioquest (Carbon and Diamond).  The Audioquest Diamond was the best I had heard, and had provided me with many hours of happy listening.  When I replaced the AQ Diamond with a TimePortal HDMI cable, the improvements were immediately obvious.  It does not take a pair of golden ears to hear the differences.  I can only comment on the audio improvements since I use separate HDMI cables for audio and video, and I only have one TimePortal cable.  Three areas clearly stood out: resolution, soundstaging and palpability.
Your TimePortal cable resolves complex music much better than the AQ Diamond.  The soundstage expands even more in all 3 dimensions. Orchestral crescendos are much better sorted and I can hear the individual sections of the orchestra, as well as individual instruments much more clearly.  Individual voices in a choral recording are more distinct.  More instrumental and vocal nuances are conveyed and they sound more like the real thing.  I get a much better sense of the acoustics and scale of the recording venue in orchestral and jazz recordings.  Instruments and voices have more body and solidity within the soundstage.  There is better physical separation among instruments and voices in the soundstage. The TimePortal HDMI exhibits richer tonal colors and a smoother overall tonal balance. Bass is stronger.  Music propels forward incisively and is much more exciting to listen to, especially rock recordings.  I can summarize by stating that recorded music is richer, more alive and more exciting with the TimePortal Statement HDMI cable in my system.  I only wish more music lovers know that cables can make a significant difference in the listening experience, and in fact may be the most cost effective way to upgrade one's system without spending a fortune.
Great job! 
Best regards,
TimePortal Audio Power Cord Upgrade
I recently sent in my 1 year old SE-upgraded Marantz PM10 integrated amplifier for Upgrade Co’s new “Statement” higher cost SE upgrade. When I got it back last week, I tried it first with the TimePortal Statement power cord I’d been using for the last couple of years, and I could immediately hear an improvement: the imaging was even more stable and more 3D clearly focused, with greater silence separating the instruments—even before any burn in, which is remarkable.

Next I replaced my 2 year burned in TimePortal middle of their line Statement power cord with their newest top of the line Signature power cord.  The improvement was immediately even more pronounced!

Six days later, the sound has opened up more, the presentation is more relaxed, instruments sound more present than ever before, and there is even more inner detail. And since Dave assures me that there is still much improvement ahead as the amp and power cord continue to burn in, I can only imagine how things will sound in another month.

I highly recommend the new Signature power cord and the new Statement SE upgrade.   
Seth Shabo
Time Portal Reference Cables vs the Competition
I’ve had Time Portal Reference cables in my high end stereo system for more than five years now and I must admit they are the best sounding cables (interconnect, power cords & speaker cables) I have ever heard. I can mention the usual hifi superlatives, but what’s most important is the music. They get out of the way and stay out of the way of the music, and allows your entire system to breath with life. When enjoying the music is paramount you can’t go wrong with Time Portal Reference. I’ve compared them to Audioquest, Cardas, Monster & Sonoran and with each test, entry level TimePortal Cables was the undisputed winner. I’ll continue to use the entry level Reference Series, until I step up to the flagship Signature series in the future. David Schulte at The Upgrade Company assures me that there’s no turning back once I hear the best that Time Portal has to offer.
Cheers to that!
Sahr Abu
Wilmington, DE
TimePortal Cables Upgrade
As I mentioned in my earlier testimonial I had Cardas Golden Reference cables that I changed over to TimePortal Cables in steps. Each change led to very notable increased enjoyment in my music system. Now all interconnects, speaker cables, power cords are TimePortal. Yes they improved all the usual aural improvements but clearly magnified my listening enjoyment a lot.

In the last 10 years home theater has become a passion. Several SE upgraded players were purchased from Upgrade Co. but I never progressed to TimePortal HDMI cables, instead relying on Audioquest 4K HDR Vodka series cables lately. Today I upgraded to the TimePortal Statement HDMI cables and was astonished by what I saw.
On movies, we are seeing much more lifelike colors, better definition & depth, without overdone sharpness. A most significant improvement. Audio is much more rich & dynamic, clear & defined, with expanded soundstage H W D. Can’t wait for further improvements as they burn in.

 If you want truly the best performance be sure to buy TimePortal cables and compare for yourselves. 

You will not be disappointed!

Dr. Ron Stroud MD
TimePortal Power Cords & XLR interconnects With Signature Edition Upgrade
TimePortal Cables have always sounded much much better than the ones I was using and they were from well known big name manufacturers.  TimePortal Statement power cords I started with made surprisingly big improvements in all areas over the competition. 
Slowly working my way to a full loom of TimePortal Cables.  Just ordered 2 more Statement power cords.  Their 14” long XLR splitters were a shocker I did not expect such a short cable to suck out much RFI EMI pulses from the signal path but they sure do because the sound was massively changed for the better.
TimePortal Cables always come with ‘more music’.  Better focus, more detail low+middle+ highs.  Heftier faster cleaner bass & mids, much more sparkle and clarity to highs, far less grain.  
More organic, more depth, bigger soundstage with more precise placement.  
TimePortal Cables reveal more of the music inside. The improvement the XLR splitters produced was not entirely unexpected but the level of improvement certaInly was. 
I did not know what to expect of such short pieces of wire. 
I highly recommend TimePortal Cables to everyone who takes music seriously.  
In my direct experience performing A-B comparisons, you can’t buy this level of performance with the big name cables. TimePortal Cables are unique.

Dennis Binda

Papendrech, Netherlands


TimePortal Cables, Mark Levinson No. 532H amp, CAT SL-1 Signature tubed pre, ZESTO balanced tubed phono preamp all with our Signature Edition Upgrade & RFI EMI RIDDANCE technology installed.

Dear Audio Addict (this is in fact a term of endearment as I also am one by definition).  
I have been asked by David to comment on some recent work and purchases that I had requested so I’m doing so. 

First assuming most persons reading this are truly interested in the reproduction of music in the home (regardless if vinyl, yeah! or digital, boo!) are in fact intelligent, have enough monies to pursue this ‘expensive’ hobby. So why are we addicts?  Because stock gear and cabling isn’t satisfying there’s A LOT of music missing and A LOT  of distortion you don’t know you are hearing until you experience a fully RFI EMI Ridded system with the new unique technology by Upgrade Co.

Despite being told consistently that the ability to reproduce  ‘live’ music in the home is not realistic, we keep spending on the hottest new amp/pre-amp/CD player etc. seeking that impossible goal, only to be told 3 months later by magazines that the $10,000 piece of equipment you just bought is already out dated so off we go to buy this new product. Odds are as we move up this equipment carousel we do start to notice boxes are checked(more airy highs/ wider deeper soundstage/more powerful deeper lows) and my favorite— it was like a veil was removed! 

Now how does this rambling tie in to my products from The Upgrade Company? I started a few years ago changing various cables to David’s TimePortal products to include all interconnects (except turntable & digital) speaker cables and power cords. These replaced various top of the line cables of a well respected USA high end cable company. With each cable change there was always a marked improvement in sound, all the boxes were checked and no purchase regretted plus I still have no desire to rush out and ‘upgrade’. But something was still missing. But no more. Recently bought new midlevel USA made turntable with a lower level British tonearm. Mounted a well known moving coil cartridge gave me a really nice but not fully satisfying sound. As usual turned to David. Replaced entire tonearm wires and most importantly replaced the tonearm wires to silver and the interconnects with TimePortal Cable Statement RCA’s. Got the arm remounted & table set back up, mounted the same cartridge, put on familiar record and for first time in 40 years was completely drawn into the music. Clearly all the boxes were checked but that didn’t matter. I went to my vinyl collection and have been listening to records I know and bunches I didn’t even know I had. The TimePortal Ground cable was a real surprise also and I can't explain it.  Sucks out RF apparently.

Equipment wise only change was TimePortal Statement interconnects & a TimePortal turntable/tonearm ground cable from the SOTA table to to the SE Upgraded RFI EMI RIDDED ZESTO Balanced tubed phono stage. Believe that this final ground cable change added to my otherwise complete TimePortal Statement pre-power amp cables & power cords & speaker cables.  Synergistic.  Exponentially better.  This final missing link of RFI EMI extracting cabling has lifted me to audio nirvana. Night & Day over Cardas Golden Reference in every way.

As we can’t achieve reproduction of live performances in your home don’t be an idiot and rush out and throw money at the hottest new piece of equipment that will be obsolete in 3 months.  Buy pieces you are happy with yo begin with then get serious about the SE Upgrades & unique TimePortal cabling.  Getting rid of RF is the key! Made a big difference on my ZESTO tube phono stage.

Hope this not too bizarre but I now know that having all TimePortal RFI EMI Ridded cabling is what’s gotton my system to where it is today even after the SE Upgrades to my CAT SL-1 Signature tubed preamp & Mark Levinson No.532H power amp SE upgrades  Same system with top of line Cardas cables NO WHERE CLOSE!!

Cannot praise TimePortal Cables enough. They have brought my system to new heights but more importantly my listening pleasure up many levels of enjoyment. I thought I had good stuff to begin with.

Very highly recommended.                            

Dr. Ronald Stroud MD   Voted Alabama's #1 Internist

TimePortal Cable Upgrade 

Hi David,

The 3 Statement pc’s arrived yesterday and I decided to put just one of the them into the system and wait to insert the other 2 after 2 and 4 weeks just to have a bit more fun.

It took just 2 notes to tell the difference, you just get more music and more of everything else too. I’ll leave behind the usual superlatives. Don’t know if I told you yet but the Statement power cord you sent me last year was chosen over many other brands after months of exhaustive listening comparisons. The gain in music is remarkable and these new ones will get even better after they’ve burned in I’m sure.

As Stirling Trayle had educated me, in order for a system to sound “right “, the power cords should be in the same time domain and exhibit the same capacitive & inductive reactance and voicing, therefore all the power cables in your system should be exactly of the same brand/model and length so I’ll be ordering a few more more in the near future.

I think for what the Statements cost ($2k) they are truly a great value as many of the cords we compared retailed for far more!


Dennis Binda


TimePortal Signature RCA interconnects from CAT SL-1 Signature preamp to Mark Levinson No. 536 both with our SE Upgrades

Interconnects came today. Right out of box i.e. no prolonged burn in my only comment vs. top of line Cardas RCA’s is WOW!! 

Sound so much more liquid/ warmer/clearer more body without being syrupy, also meant to say richer. Mary Travers ( Peter, Paul & Mary) solos ‘500 Miles’ & ‘There is a Ship’ from their live concert album ( one of my all time favorites) NEVER sounded so involving. Can’t wait till they have some burn in time. 

Best thing that I can say is that anyone who really wants truly great sound and does not use or at least try your unique TimePortal power cords, interconnects, digital cables, etc. are completely NUTS in addition to having reducted sound reproduction.  

I am so blessed that I looked at your website several years ago and started this professional/ personal relationship. 
You have enriched my life! 

Cannot thank you enough

Dr. Ron Stroud MD
McIntosh MB100 Signature Edition Upgrade with TimePortal Cables

“Like a lot of people, once I was able to put together an AV system of high end quality equipment, I started looking into upgrading power cables, interconnects, and the like.  Not being a technically oriented person I only had my personal sensibilities to work with.  The idea that very good quality cable that is also loaded with shielding to get rid of RFI EMI made sense to me.  After doing some research I decided that if I am to do it right, upgrading my equipment in furtherance of that shielding made a lot of sense to me as well. 


Thus far, the Upgrade Company has performed their unique Signature Edition Upgrade & RFI EMI Riddance Technology” for my McIntosh MB100 Media Player and McIntosh MVP901 Blu-ray SACD CD player.  The results were immediately substantial, improving the quality of both sound and video.  I found David to be accessible, informative, and very comfortable to work with. Im not usually that easily impressed; yet here I amimpressed!  


In addition, I purchased an SE Upgraded Furman Elite 20PFi power conditioner and a 20-amp TimePortal Statement power cord and a few 15-amp TimePortal power cords and a TimePortal HDMI for my MVP901.  I am very pleased with the results.  I am hoping that at some point I will be able to ship over my McIntosh MX121 and McIntosh MC205 to complete the riddance of RFI EMI.

Thanks to David at The Upgrade Company for the support along the way!

Bob Lanser


These TimePortal Statement power cords are absolutely Incredible!!!!!

Installed the first one tonight on my EAR 834P tubed moving coil phono preamp, left the rest of system as it was and played one of my poorest, thinnest sounding LPs.....Incredible! Open, full room sound!!!!!!

Put the other one on my $7500 Bel Canto PL1A player, immediately much better in all areas and over the next 48hrs it has completely transformed my digital playback!!!  Now close to analog, some discs are better.

I am hereby placing my order for (2) more Statements.  Could we work out a trade in towards the $4k Signatures??


Paul E.

TimePortal Cables Upgrade Awesome Sound Now!!

I’m thrilled to report back on my experience with your TimePortal Cables SE upgrades to my AudioQuest HDMI and USB cables, together with the 2 new TimePortal Statement power cords I recently added to my system. Hi-res PCM files from my solid-state drive sound fully 4 TIMES better than before (no exaggeration—the difference is IMMENSE across the board). Fantastic!!! 

I heard improvements even at whisper levels but couldn’t completely tell at that volume (as my family was sleeping). But I really hear it now! I was FLOORED when I played the same recording again at normal volume: bass was MUCH more solid and authoritative, guitars sounded MUCH more life-like, drums were much more precise, and the whole presentation was more coherent, refined, and liquid.

With the TimePortal Statement PCs, I was expecting my picture quality to get a further boost, and it certainly did! What surprised me, though, was the improvement to music in movie soundtracks (my wife remarked on this). This may be partly due to the other cable you SE upgraded: the JAS Audio XLR to my center channel amp. All the cables in that path are now either your SE upgrades or your TimePortal cables—which is to say that all are benefitting from your EMI/RFI RIDDANCE technology—and the further improvement with both Blu-ray movies and multi-channel SACD is STUNNING.

For other customers, I'd suggest adding one TimePortal Statement PC to feed their entire system as starting point. That’s enough to make a big difference (individual notes sound more 3D and “live," instruments are more precisely located, overall sound is more refined, and timing is subtly improved as well) by itself, and it will give you a sense of what your system is really capable of.

Seth S.

TimePortal Cable Upgrade on Audio System

Dear David

Just wanted to give you an update on my experience of EMI RFI Riddance.

Phenomenal. Just jaw dropping.

We started out gosh I don't even remember! Somewhere back in March 2015.

I'm going to cut to the chase here ... because to me the listening tells the story in the best way possible. I continue to be gobsmacked and awestruck. Just by the most humble of sources. And if you haven't listened to it through my system just listen to me please. I can play YouTube though my Oppo 103D Special Edition upgraded by Dave through Dave's Time Portal HDMI Cable, to my Marantz AV8002A upgraded model, into a non upgraded Emotiva XPA 5 via upgraded Time Portal XLR balanced cables, out to my PMC Twenty 26's biwired using Dave's Time Portal speaker cables and also out using silver tinned copper 10AWG wires to the rear surround speakers.

Phenomenal. Just jaw dropping.

Dave and I have become friends since we began. Through his amazing advice and experience with EMI RFI, I can sit here in my villa living room in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and listen to the most amazing incredible sounds from my currently super minimalist system of 4.0! Supplied by YouTube. Imagine...

Over the past couple of nights I am astonished how good it sounds. I have this system now in its current form for about six months, some of it more than 1 year. And it is well a truly burned in.

My benchmark source is the Oppo playing either FLAC or BluRay. In either case it is ground breaking. I constantly sit here shaking my head in disbelief.

My goal is a completely closed system by that I mean as much as possible all power, speaker, and interconnect cables and all components will be EMI RFI shielded.

I want to get my next cable set top box upgraded too! Because when I first installed the Time Portal RCA cables between my current box and the Marantz preamp I found a whole new level of audio. I mean it was palpably better everything: sound stage dynamic range everything was better. One humble example only.

To give you some idea of the amount of business Dave and I have done, its a lot! He has been the Prince of direct and honest truth. And I have enjoyed every minute of the journey we are taking together. We are in the process of returning back here, two amps I managed to blow the transformers on, upgrading the current Emotiva with 2 Reference Upgraded units, returning the Furman power supply unit, the digital front end supply an Upgraded Cocktail Audio X40, an upgraded Sub Woofer amp various speakers and cables to complete the home theatre system version 1.0. This is the largest single pallet load, and I trust it will arrive here safely.

Early on in our relationship I explored the EMI RFI domain with a view to understanding what it was all about. I did an internet search and uncovered engineering standards for military and medical applications, loads of specialist suppliers and products and began to understand the depth and expertise that Dave has gained over his work so far in this field. I also realised that very few engineers have much if any exposure to this field. Electrical Engineers or not. They know about speaker cable capacitance that's about the size of their knowledge and scope of their discussion. Its only if they have done especially military work or research work or work for example on large array telescopes where shielding is mission critical (I met a few of these guys here in Saudi Arabia at the one of the Universities and ...surprisingly they didn't get it either, only once they hear the system do go mmmmm...)

There's an engineer in the he gets it....cos he's done work on some serious EMI RFI related projects....I'm guessing military since he was citing that standard.

Today, tonight as I listen to humble YouTube...I remain convinced that I have one of the best combined stereo/audio/video home theatre systems available. And I'm running my minimalist 4.0 system right now.

So come on, sign up. You will never regret it. Dave's work is second to none. I have never met or heard of anyone else in the world doing this work to hi fi equipment like Dave does. Unique, powerful and complete. Results delivered immediately (and get better until burn is achieved). I've looked under the hood. I can only say wow. The amount of careful hand work required to place thousand dollar paints, shielding and other materials is artisinal in its standard.

With Dave's help you should seek your audio and video nirvana. You have the right. And David has the answer.

Dr John Read

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

TimePortal Statement Power cords & TimePortal Statement XLR interconnects

TimePortal Cables are a great item. At first plugging in I heard more noise because they were brand new/conductors weren't burned in whatsoever. After a day this dissipated and now the overall presentation has become much more powerful & dynamic with heftier bass, greater clarity and ease & musicality. Like the volume is turned higher although I still have the exact same volume level. For those who are not yet familiar with TimePortal's totally unique design topology, I attribute this to the much lower noise floor.

TimePortal Cables literally pull RFI & EMI out of your system affording the electronics (player/preamp/amps etc.) with far more power on tap in their capacitors by not wasting power reproducing RFI & EMI.

Greater sense of imaging- wider, deeper, taller. The bass is so much better. Now I no longer feel like I need a subwoofer. I am flat to 30 HZ in room. -5 dB at 20 HZ. In summation, I love them, and as every item Upgrade Company has ever sold, these cables are not coming back! :-)

Rich H., Colorado

TimePortal Statement 20 amp Power Cord

Before I get to my new TimePortal Statement 20 amp power cord feeding my entire system through a new SE upgraded Furutech'd Richard Gray RGPC 400 Pro ll power storage unit, let me make you aware of the equipment I'm using. I've had my SE upgraded equipment 3 1/2 to 4 years. I recently sent my OPPO in for the latest RFI/EMI updates. While there I had 3 Bybee purifiers and Audio Magic Premier Bees Wax SuperFuse installed. A far superior player than the normal Oppo SE upgraded player. After full burn in, I sent my SE upgraded Onkyo 5509 prepro and Integra 70.2 amp in for the latest RFI/EMI upgrade. I had all the fuses replaced with Audio Magic and added Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX. At this point my system was looking and sounding so good, I felt I wouldn't have to by any equipment for years. WRONG! The RGPC 400 with SE Upgrade & Furutech & 20 amp TimePortal Statement power cord feeding the system. WOW this took it to a whole new level picture & sound.

Fred Laury
North Carolina  

TimePortal Refetence level XLR interconnects

I initially sought out Upgrade Co. after reading the info at (quite an education!) to have my McIntosh MC 2125 & C 27 upgraded.  After having conversations with David, he convinced me to try Emotiva instead with his SE upgrade.  I then actually made a trip their shop to listen and learn more about what Upgrade Company does.  I was quite impressed.

I ended up purchasing a new Emotiva XSP-1 Gen 2 Truly Balanced preamp and 2 Emotiva XPA-100 Gen 2 Monoblocks all with the SE upgrades & TimePortal Reference level XLR interconnects.  After the break in period, I can honestly say that the Emotiva’s are providing music that I have never heard from my McIntosh. Frankly I've never heard Vandersteen's sound this good.  Nothing ever sounds aggressive or forward now and the shimmering highs and deep bass are a real game changer. 

I'm getting much greater dynamic range at loud & soft volumes levels, & 3D soundstage & great imaging.  I am hearing things on my albums & discs that I have never heard before.  What a joy to listen to. 

The outstanding sound quality remains the same at all listening volumes.  No longer do I need to have my system at an optimum volume to hear everything.  Very easy listening.  Smooth, liquid, quick response, very defined, clear and authoritative on everything that is played.  

I am now totally convinced that David’s SE Upgrade is essential in getting any brand of equipment to sound State of the Art. I haven't heard sound quality like this at dealers. 

I'm purchasing a new Emotiva ERC-3 CD player & outboard Stealth DAC with the SE Upgrades next.  These too are giant killers from what I've heard. 

On a side note, David convinced me to try a new Time Portal Reference Power Cord on my stock Integra AVR/Epson projector home theatre system.  IMMEDIATELY, the power cord had a highly positive effect on the picture quality and audio quality! My wife and I were very surprised.  Picture now has richer color and deeper blacks and less noise, really stands out.  Even my wife noticed the difference.  The audio was also greatly improved.  From just a power cord?!?  

The outstanding success I've witnessed with the unique SE Upgrades & TimePortal  Cables is proof positive that David's RFI EMI RIDDANCE Technology is the real


What is very reassuring purchasing at  a Upgrade Co. is the 30 day in-system trial period for every purchase.  They will take back anything, but that is never happening!  

Erick Perry


TimePortal and PS Audio Upgrades

I have been engaged with HIFI  since my mid-teens (some 30 years now). I started with a used Nad amplifier and Rega turntable. From that day to now I have been searching for cost effective ways to achieve a sound which I’m happy with.
It’s been a long journey I’m there now thanks to The Upgrade Company.

My current system is PS audio DirectStream DAC & PerfectWave Transport each with The Upgrade Co SE Upgrades, and a Sanders ESL power amp that has been SE Upgraded by Upgrade Co as well.

My speakers are Magnepan 3.6.
I modified the speakers some time ago via Peter Gunn, he added a wooden frame and new crossover using premium capacitors. I later further upgraded many of the components and changed the crossover values to suit my room and music taste better.  This transformed the speaker, in stock form it was OK, it is now as good as any speakers I've heard at any price.

I was still not happy with the overall sound, there was a persistent treble ringing,  the presentation was on the lean side and in complex music the presentation was washed out into a wall of sound rather than layers of space and articulation. I also knew that purchasing a higher spec/cost front end DAC and transport would be out of the question due to the excessive cost at this level.

I found The Upgrade Company on the web, and spent some time reading through the reviews. I was impressed with David’s commitment to audio improvement and his guarantee. I did also look on the web and was surprised by some of the negative responses by so called enthusiasts who clearly had not actually tried or ever listened to a single Upgrade Co upgraded product, a sad state of affairs for them.

I sent the PS Audio DAC and transport off to Upgrade Co. 
They both returned 10 days later. I could tell immediately that there was an improvement. After 200 hours or so I can say I was impressed. It still sounded like the PS Audio product I knew, but it is now presented with a much wider and deeper sound stage, most of the treble electronic hash was gone at 200hrs, there was far more micro and macro dynamics but most importantly it was far more musical. Every CD sounded much better from poorly recorded 90's digital to the best recorded live events.

David then recommended demagnetization discs and burn-in and their TimePortal RFI EMI RIDDED power and XLR interconnects and a TimePortal RFI EMI RIDDED digital for the PWT and Directstream.  I've invested significant money into cabling over the years and really only found them useful in changing aspects of the sound, not really a true audio improvement. David was adamant that TimePortal Cables were different and offered a 30 day free trial. After 3 weeks of burn in I purchased them. The improvement was greater than the PS Audio SE Upgrades.  David informed me that actually TimePortal Cables simply had facilitated the full capability of the PS Audio front end. They released a bottleneck so to speak which allowed the PS Audio Upgrade transformation to be realized rather then get recontaminated with airborne RFI & EMI.  TimePortal power cords also got rid of a lot of RFI & EMI before it reached the PS Audio's which further greatly improved their performance.

I later had Upgrade Co. do my Sanders power amp and again added a TimePortal power cable. This took longer to shine, maybe 300-400 hours on new parts and wiring before the music really sang.

Gone now is all digital noise and electronic haze:  the actual presentation is now truly three dimensional, musical and real sounding, bass is firm, articulated and balanced. It’s difficult and perhaps misleading to quantify the scale of overall improvement but I’m sure I would have to invest many many times the cost of my current equipment to reach this level of performance.

I’m now upgrading a Ming Da 2A3 tube preamp.

While the service and products that The Upgrade Company supplies cannot be described as cheap, I can describe it as a fantastic value. The total cost of the upgrades described above would likely be no more than the cost of a single new amplifier or DAC.

The service was also quick, efficient and David’s advice was balanced and focused on my needs rather than his financial gain.

Many thanks to David and The Upgrade Company. I do find it odd that The Upgrade Company is not mentioned in any major print audio press, alas honesty and customer service is not a priority for most manufactures or editors out there.

Neil Riley
Houston, Texas

Ultimate Level of Music

I am extending my sincerest thank you today to everyone at The Upgrade Company for helping me to achieve the high level of music & video performance I've longed to achieve for well over two decades.  I could never have achieved this ultimate high level of music as well as video reproduction without The Upgrade Company's help and unique knowledge.  This afternoon, I've been listening to my music collection and I cannot believe the incredible inner detail and sheer holographic realism present in recordings, even older standard 16bit/44khz CD's, all thanks to you.  Concert videos & movies look fabulous, nothing like they do in even in the best showrooms.  

Your Audio Research, EAR, Bel Canto, Oppo, McIntosh hardware upgrades have brought out the best in music and video reproduction I've experienced.  The TimePortal "RFI EMI Ridded" power cords, XLR interconnects& speaker cables are sonic stunners and really completed each system.  

I cannot thank you enough!  Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Extremely Satisfied Customer,

Paul Elliott
New Prague, MN.

TimePortal Power Cords and TimePortal RCA Interconnects

I was able to pick up both packages and install TimePortal cables into my main system. 

My first impression is simply WOW
My system clearly had a very weak link in the cables I was using, Kubala-Sosna.  TimePortal Cables have far exceeded my expectations.

I first place two TimePortal power cords into the power conditioners and the results very truly impressive.  The improvements are very significant right off the bat.  I then plugged a TimePortal power cord into my tubed preamp with similar results.  Wow.  Then I plugged in a set of TimePortal RCA interconnects from the preamp to the amplifier.  Wow again.  Then I plugged (2) TimePortal power cords into my Esoteric P70/D70 Transport & DAC set.  Same thing, huge increase in performance.  The last set of TimePortals to go into my main system were interconnects from the Esoteric front end to the preamplifier. Replacing this last naked non-RFI/EMI RIDDED set of cables in the system produced perhaps a bigger difference, likely because it was the last RFI EMI "hole" in the cabling.

Overall there is a much better separation between instruments left-right & front-back, much more extension on both ends as well as more body and realism to individual instruments and human voices.  There is a much "blacker background" which makes my horn system sound even more dynamic yet more subtle and delicate as well.
Soundstage is larger and more holographic. 

Music feels more powerful, more engaging more emotional.  I have an SPL meter so I know that volume did not increase, its just a perception of increased SPL's due to the much lower noise floor, increased clarity, more power supply energy available upstream by not passing along all the radio frequencies collected out of the airwaves.

I'm going to A-B compare my TimePortal interconnects and power cords against cables that friends have that cost 10-15x more and see how they fare.  This might take me a few weeks to do but will let you know the results for sure.

Many Thanks!

Manuel Ortiz

Oppo 105 SE upgraded, Furman Elite 15PFi Power Conditioner w/SE upgrades, TimePortal Reference Power Cords 

Here is a testimonial for The Upgrade Company website on the purchases I've made so far for my system.

I started out by upgrading the source first per Upgrade's recommendation:

A brand new SE upgraded Oppo BDP-105. Against a stock Oppo BDP-105 which had quite a bit of burn in time, the SE 105 was night and day superior using any adjective you want. With burn-in period completed, the Signature Edition upgrade firmly puts Oppo's into that rarified fine analog LP playback dimension throwing a huge lush airy liquid simply surreal sound stage with brilliant highs and big, bold, huge dynamics, full bodied yet fast & tuneful bass response,  simply crystal clear & musical, even on my worst discs like the old Beatles. The  comparison to the stock 105 is positively stunning.  On the video side, I played a couple of music videos which I know well to A-B compare the stock & SE upgraded 105's.  I was impressed with the greatly (not just slightly) improved color saturation, lack of grain and haze, improved detail and resolution of the RFI/EMI shielded 105. The stock player looks washed out in comparison and grainy. Your SE upgrade is a much bigger bang for the buck over buying a far expensive player or even new speakers. Speakers can only reproduce what the source is giving it, right?    

Because the 105 SE purchase blew away my expectations, and hearing what your SE upgrades did for my brother Rob's system,  I went ahead and ordered TimePortal Reference power cords and your SE upgraded Furman Elite 15PFi power line conditioner which are   unbelievable.  The RFI/EMI riddance technology in the TimePortal power cord and Furman conditioner more then doubled the performance.
Both the sound and the picture were dramatically improved.  Even my power amp sounds a lot better through the SE upgraded Furman.

An audiophile friend of mine is very critical of digital and listens only to vinyl.  He didn't like my system at all prior to the SE upgrade to the 105, TimePortal power cords and SE upgraded Furman power conditioner.  He really surprised me when he said the sound is now comparable to a really expensive system with the warmth and clarity of a great turntable without the usual clicks and pops.  He was genuinely impressed and wondered how you pull this off.  I directed him to Upgrade's website to learn more.  

Put me down for an 8' pr of TimePortal RFI/EMI shielded speaker cables.  I'll send you my NAIM preamp and amp in a couple months.  My brother could not believe the improvement your cable rebuild SE upgrades made to his older TimePortal power cords, TimePortal interconnects and TimePortal speaker cables.  That RFI EMI stuff is well worth $99 @ foot to install on cables.  I'm sold after hearing the before and after in his system.  It's a 1,000 times better with all the SE upgrades to his entire system.  
Thanks a bunch! 
Rick Gallos, Canada

TimePortal Reference Power Cords (2) with Signature Edition Cable Upgrade mods

Hello again Dave,

I wanted to take a few minutes to follow-up of my review back in May after having the system burn-in for 2000+ hours. We really never shut it down completely…ever!

All I can say is, thank you for allowing me to make your acquaintance and taking the time bring me in as a client of your company’s’ products. Home entertainment in the Dalton household has never been better. The sights and sounds in our Home Theater continue to impress all who experience it.

As for the value received…fantastic! I admit that your claims of a 10X return on my investment was met with…cautious optimism…I’ve heard it all before. But the truth of the matter is that you did it Dave!

Top of the line McIntosh etc. doesn’t sound or look this good and it costs more than 10x my investment.

You have exceeded my expectations beyond words. Suffice it to say that my Panasonic Plasma has never looked better and my M&K speakers and subs are giving stellar performances at every opportunity.

BTW, even at sustained THX reference levels, the upgraded Onkyo AV receive has yet to trip my Elan ZFan2 component rack cooling fan. Not having to work overtime reproducing all that RFI regenerated by the numerous clocks inside has really reduced the heat.

So let’s recap and compare our observations from my initial SE upgrade review on the Onkyo, Oppo, and TimePortal Cables:

The bottom line is that my family and I are still being blown away with the level of performance of this system when compared to the previous systems I’ve owned & really expensive stuff we’ve auditioned. Head and shoulders above the rest!.

I just re-queued up the Re-Mastered SACD of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon…Wow!

Still a believer!

Dave Dalton, Indiana


TimePortal Reference Loudspeaker cables 

Note: Our SE upgrade RFI/EMI riddance technology is now included on all new TimePortal Cables 

The TimePortal speaker cables arrived Monday. WOW!! They blew my Cardas Golden Reference away ‘cold’ right out of the box. 
Will let you know opinion as break in but already very pleased. Thanks!!


Dr. Ronald Stroud MD


TimePortal Reference XLR Interconnects & Loudspeaker Cables

I must admit I was skeptical when you wanted me to replace the Spectral/MIT cables with the TimePortal Reference SE upgraded interconnects and loudspeaker cables.  We started by demo’g the speaker cables first, then a TimePortal Reference SE upgraded XLR interconnect between my Spectral amp/preamp.   Months later we replaced the interconnect between the preamp and digital player followed by TimePortal Reference SE upgraded RCA interconnects from turntable to phono preamp.  Not only was I blown away with just the speaker cable in the system, but each replacement just kept improving the music with simply astonishing results.  Each cable brought significant increased clarity & black backgrounds, much more detail without sounding etched or hard at all, very velvety and organic sounding.  Massively reduced grain, glare and forwardness over the Spectral/MIT Cables in the system. TimePortal Reference SE interconnects greatly increased micro dynamic contrasts, greatly increased the depth and height and width of the soundstage.   The overall presentation is so much more life sized and in our room.  Vinyl has never sounded better and digital is much easier to listen to with a much more refined liquid life-like relaxed presentation without losing any dynamics or detail.    

The TimePortal Reference SE cables have really bought out what my Avalon Ascendant loudspeakers are truly capable of.   
Perhaps I could have possibly obtained the same results with MIT Oracle’s latest cables, but at roughly 15 times the cost of the TimePortal cables, why would I do that given the tremendous results we now experience? These cables are a real game changer.  

I would encourage anyone who’s in the market for cables to give TimePortal Cables a try. They’re buy-back guaranteed to outperform anything you can find and based on my experience, I think it’ll be the very best money you’ll invest into your system.    

Robert Hack   Muncie, IN    

TimePortal Reference XLR analog interconnects & power cords:

You called it correctly when you had me replace the Transparent Ultra Power cords and Transparent Reference MM XLR cable between my Audio Research Reference 3 Line Stage and my amplifier.  What an improvement. This is an amazing XLR interconnect.  The bass, depth, air liquidity, detail and overall transparency snap and ease and clarity was just amazing right out of the box.  It’s getting even better as they settle in.  I’ll be back for RCA interconnects for my phono preamp soon.

Paul Elliott, MN


TimePortal Reference Power cords

Like many users of high-end audio equipment, I have the usual collection of power cords, each with own unique appearance and flavor.  The flood of designer power cords that have hit the market in the last decade reflects listeners’ concerns for interference and coloration in the audio signal. Some of the power cords are like snakes, while others are like garden hoses- and then there are the bizarre woven kind that look like expensive automotive brake hose.  The one thing they have in common is that they each sound different but to my ear do not markedly improve the sound much more than stock power cords.  Enter TimePortal 9ga uniquely shielded power cord with pure 24k rhodium AC and IEC fittings:  this is truly a breakthrough product that actually cleans up the sound the minute it is installed.

I A-B’d the TimePortal cords with all kinds of equipment. I consistently and immediately perceived improvements in focus, image depth, with a very black background, improved resolution, less grunge and haze. 

When I finally connected the two TimePortal power cords into my front end EMM Labs CDSD-SE and DAC6e-SE, I achieved spectacular results. 

As good as TimePortal power cords have been in my experience with all types of high end audio equipment, I find that digital electronics benefited the most.  Aftermarket power cords can be very expensive, and in that market the TimePortal Reference power cords  are on the side of economical.  However, TimePortal’s Reference power cord is a bargain at any price, because I cannot imagine running my digital front end now with any other brand of power cord.  Even sky-high priced cords I own and those I have demo’d.   

Try one you won’t be sorry. 

UCLA Professor of Music and Composition,  Paul Reale (retired)  CA


TimePortal Reference Powercords

When I previously upgraded my power cords to a big name brand, there was a very noticeable difference over the stock power cords. Going from the big-name brand to the TimePortal’s was a VERY noticeable difference immediately even prior to burn in. You told me these cords were really great and you were NOT exaggerating....and they’re not even broken in at all...right out of the box.

I plugged in the TimePortal cords right off the bat so that I could hear the difference and they are more than I expected. Instantly I noticed my sound was dramatically improved and the video looking more 3-D like, almost like putting it into 3-D and wearing the glasses, about a third of the 3-D effect but no hassles with glasses or anything. I am ecstatic over the whole system and will be writing a most embarrassing review for you when all is burned in. Probably a month or two and will go from the start with the two Denon’s being upgraded thru to the power cords.

I played a CD on my system for the percussion section of the symphony I play in.  With the new TimePortal power cords throughout. Fellow performers thought the instruments sounded REAL. I’ve PLAYED those instruments my whole career and know exactly how they sound and this is just like going home to the studio or rehearsal for me. The punch and pop of the sound is amazing, her voice is out of thin air and the whole room sings by comparison. Blue Ray & DVD movies are both better in picture and sound and surround sounds are pin point placement and sharp, fast, THERE. 

Thank you so much for getting me to buy these power cords.

Tom Miller, CO


TimePortal Reference RCA Analog Interconnects and TimePortal Reference Powercord

The last couple of years I have been a silver cable guy - not until a friend directed my attention to the TimePortal Reference RCA’s with a mix of silver & copper 99.999% wire with extensive shielding - and a 100% Buy Back Guarantee - not much to worry about.  When I received the cables about a week later, boy - did the TimePortals deliver. First of all the absence of "background-noise/digitalis" is striking and unusual.  Natural timbre seems to flow effortless - one is really just enjoying the music - not even looking for flaws - there simply aren’t any.  All the "State of the Art" parametres are there in spades - details that merge into a musical wholeness, 3D, transparency, dynamics, black background, strong low end etc.

I’ve owned many RCA analog interconnects up to around $5,000 usd - the TimePortal’s best everything I’ve tried by large margin - and at this price the TimePortals are truly a bargain - a real no brainer. 

The TimePortal Reference Power cables were also a positive surprise - they will settle down your HiFi setup - yet increase information retrieval and increase musicality from your signal source.  

They cleanup the artificial’s and without getting clinical - the live feeling moved 2 levels up. 

The best powercables I have ever heard in my 30 years in HIFI.  These "babies" really make a difference that everybody can hear/notice - unless one is totally deaf :-)

Martin I. 


TimePortal Reference power cord and analog RCA interconnect testimonial 

Thanks for sending the TimePortal Reference power lead and interconnects to demo.  I have to confess I wasn’t looking to trial new interconnects or a power cord, or find any sort of excuse to spend more money. However, once I got them in the system and started swapping-out a few times, my views changed.  The Oppo 95 Signature Edition upgrade has had lots of use now and is sounding very good.  Strong bass.  The TimePortal interconnects seemed to emphasize that, but the quality of bass was significantly improved.  I thought I was already using good high end ICs, but they turned-out to be rather grey sounding in comparison. 

The TimePortal Reference interconnects were a real step forward.  There was significantly more drive and energy, and all the low-level things were opened up as well.  

The TimePortal Reference power lead was a surprise –  I heard distinct improvements from removing hash and unwanted hi-fi rubbish.  I wasn’t really expecting this from a power lead, but after several comparisons I really didn’t want to go back to what I’d been using.  After this I got more enthusiastic about hi-fi again, and starting playing everything I could think of.  It would be fair to say that I heard something new with everything I played.  I’ve not been able to drag myself away from the CD collection since, and I’ve been spreading the word with as many friends as possible, and another is coming round on Sunday. 

I hadn’t read anything about the TimePortal’s since they are a new line, so I had no preconception or prejudice. 

My indifference to cable upgrades has been turned around.

Best regards,

Nick P. UK



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