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RGPC Testimonial

RGPC 400 Pro ll Signature Edition Upgrade
The combination of my SE Upgraded Furutech’d RGPC 400 Pro ll Power conditioner fed by a 20 amp TimePortal Statement power cord has truly elevated my system to a much greater level of performance, and provided me with endless hours of enjoyment.
I will provide a brief history of my system’s evolution.  I had been using an Audience AR6-T conditioner in my A/V system, but since it does not have a standard IEC receptacle for an aftermarket power cord, I sold it and used the Shunyata conditioner for a while instead.  The Shunyata and TimePortal Statement AC cord combination yielded a significant improvement over the Audience with its dedicated AC cord.  I have now replaced the Shunyata with the SE upgraded & Furutech’d Richard Gray Power Company 400 Pro ll.
The SE upgraded RGPC 400 Pro with premium Furutech GTX NCF Rhodium AC receptacles & 20A IEC inlet has been actively used in my system for over 500 hours.  I can now confidently report on the improvements it has brought to my system.  
My combined AV system consists of an SE upgraded Denon 3313UD Bluray Universal player and an SE Upgraded top of the line Denon X7200WA AV receiver which are fed squeaky clean power by the SE Upgraded RGPC 400 Pro ll which is plugged into the wall outlet via a TimePortal Statement AC cord.
I can confidently say that the SE upgraded RGPC is much better than the Shunyata & Audience in all areas: explosive dynamics, faster and more incisive transients, more immersive and enveloping soundstage, fuller and better defined images, more colors in instrumental timbres, and bigger bass!  In other words, everything is closer to a live experience.
Indispensable.  I cannot enjoy my system without it in place.  
This evolutionary process has demonstrated:
BEST:  RGPC + TimePortal Stmnt AC cord 
2nd: Shunyata + TimePortal Stmnt AC Cord
Worst: Audience AR6T + Audience AC cord 
I will summarize by saying that the Upgrade Company’s  SE Upgraded & Furutech NCF Rhodium outlet/20A IEC inlet equipped Richard Gray Power Company 400 Pro ll is truly a phenomenal value compared to the Shunyata and Audience conditioners.  
Big improvement over Shunyata and Audience on both sound & picture quality. 
Highly recommended.
Phil Ho
Sacramento, CA 


RGPC 400 Pro ll Power Storage Unit

Before I get to my new TimePortal Statement 20 amp power cord feeding my entire system through a new SE upgraded Furutech'd Richard Gray RGPC 400 Pro ll power storage unit, let me make you aware of the equipment I'm using. I've had my SE upgraded equipment 3 1/2 to 4 years. I recently sent my OPPO in for the latest RFI/EMI updates. While there I had 3 Bybee purifiers and Audio Magic Premier Bees Wax SuperFuse installed. A far superior player than the normal Oppo SE upgraded player. After full burn in, I sent my SE upgraded Onkyo 5509 prepro and Integra 70.2 amp in for the latest RFI/EMI upgrade. I had all the fuses replaced with Audio Magic and added Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX. At this point my system was looking and sounding so good, I felt I wouldn't have to by any equipment for years. WRONG! The RGPC 400 with SE Upgrade & Furutech & 20 amp TimePortal Statement power cord feeding the system. WOW this took it to a whole new level picture & sound.

Fred Laury
North Carolina 


I really like the SE upgraded RGPC 400 PRO II with Furutech GTX outlets & inlet. Has made a big difference with audio and video. The video improvement is so dramatic with my upgrading to a new TV. The audio is simply quieter with more of everything in terms of sound quality improvement across the board. What really stands out the most is the increased detail against a black background. A friend had come over to listen without knowing about the addition of the 400 PRO II SE and he said he barley recognised the first song I played. It sounded so much more detailed etc.    


Rob Gallos

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