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Need the ultimate in High Performance? Discover for yourself how much untapped performance High End audio really has!

Our SE upgraded versions of the latest models are State of the Art

Our unique RFI EMI RIDDANCE TECHNOLOGY strips millions of unwanted pulses from the signal paths power supplies all of which otherwise get reproduced right along with the music & video signals. This frees up 10-100 times the available power supply energy in any given millisecond to more faithfully reproduce the intended music & video signals to STATE OF THE ART Bass response becomes THE BEST as a result, so does liquidity, musicality, ease, palpability, slam, dynamics, sparkle, depth, articulation, clarity, extremely 3D live right before you feeling on music & film is just tremendous when the rest of your system has also been SE upgraded with the same unique RFI EMI RIDDANCE TECHNOLOGY. All brands of non-Upgrade Company upgraded high-end audio (and video) are highly compromised.  The latest magazine reviewed models fail to come close sonically to the same model which has been upgraded by The Upgrade Company.  

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Reimyo Testimonials

Unsolicited Testimonials sent to David J. Schulte & The Upgrade Company LLC

Each client has paid for our products and services in full.  No special offers or kickbacks were paid for their endorsement

Reimyo CDP-777 SE upgrade
Michael P.  NYC

Audiophiles invariably refer to their record collection and analog LP front end gear when kvelling about for a peak listening experience.  No arguments from us—we love our vinyl LP's.

However, those looking for something approximating the analog experience from the digital domain of CD's invariably find themselves spelling out the word R-E-I-M-Y-O, and with good reason.

The Reimyo CDP-777 has become the CD benchmark for audiophiles, a digital holy grail that manages to transcend digital anomalies in the playback medium by employing the finest internal components and power supply design with an actual CD mastering grade transport, to provide a measurably superior data rate, yielding layer upon layer of resolution and dynamic range that fill in those sonic blanks which separate the analog men from the digital boys.

Well, how then might the best get better?  By taking an extended sojourn for spa treatment at digital guru David Schulte's "The Upgrade Company".

Schulte's upgrades effectively maximize the signal path, output stage and power supplies, by hand choosing and matching critical key  elements with an ear towards achieving even more pristine levels of resolution and detail resulting in enhanced soundstaging depth, breadth and height;  vibrant image illumination; greater midrange texture and detail; a smoother, more transparent top end, and an appreciably tighter, quicker, more fulsome foundation in bass.

Basically a night and day transformation over stock/OEM performance levels.

The sum total of the improvements are profound enough to knock your socks off.

At one point, I actually had both an original/stock Reimyo CDP-777 side by side with my Upgrade Company "Signature Edition Reimyo CDP-777" in my audio rack. A well-known audio reviewer and myself were both easily able to ascertain immediate improvements which as I have suggested, were night and day in my estimation.

Among other things, I found that the overall presentation in the upgraded version was much more vivid and 3D, yet much more natural and much easier to listen to and follow along dialog and bass lines, with much greater resolution in the low, mid and top end in the "Signature Edition" upgraded version. Wow. 

Just to confirm what I was hearing, I invited over a big audiophile friend with "golden ears" and VERY strong opinions and no inclination   to be impressed hype or garish price points. He found that  
when we originally A/B’d the stock Reimyo CDP-777 with a stock Linn CD12, it took him about five seconds to say “Forget about the Reimyo... there’s no comparison.  I mean, don’t’ get me wrong, the  Reimyo sounds frigging great, but comes off as slightly phony compared to the Linn, which sounds like music, no more no less.  ”

When I later invited him over to A/B the stock Reimyo versus the modified Reimyo, immediately upon hearing the SE upgraded version, his eyes suddenly got big and he had a very visceral, immediate, emotional response: “That can’t be the same CD player.  What the hell did you do?” After going back and forth few times, he enthused, “Now that sounds like music." "When I originally heard the stock Reimyo versus the Linn CD12, I thought the Reimyo sounded very big, very dramatic, very exciting and that  the Linn sounded comparably drier and more laid back, but to my ears, it was just much more natural, much more relaxed, and gave you a deeper insight into the music then the stock 777 did...and if you compensated by turning up the preamp level a tad, the relative slam and impact of the Reimyo seemed to pale compared to the incredible detail and realism of the Linn.”

Summing up his feelings on the modified Reimyo, he concluded:  “Whatever upgrades you had performed to the CDP-777, it is now a lot easier to listen to, less forward, far less fatiguing and in your face; the presentation is far more relaxed, yet much more refined and detailed; the soundstaging is bigger and more expansive, and my sense of the overall acoustic space is far more profound, even better then the Linn CD12, which ranked with the best I’ve ever heard.   It’s hard to explain: but without mitigating any of the dramatic qualities which make the Reimyo such an exciting experience, whoever tweaked this CD player managed to dial back those qualities which made the overall presentation seem larger than life, and dialed up those qualities which make less us conscious of the playback medium, and more caught up in the music.”

“To my ears, if I had to choose between the stock Reimyo CDP-777 and the stock Linn CD12, I preferred the CD12.  However, with the SE upgraded Reimyo 777, I much prefer the modified Reimyo.  It sounds like real life:  very detailed and natural like my experiences of live music—utterly convincing.” Michael P., NYC


Reimyo CDP-777 Signature Edition upgrade by The Upgrade Company

I've lived with my Reimyo 777 CD player for 2 years now. To say I'm familiar with it would be an understatement. It's a testament to how good it is that in more than a year I haven't had that audiophile itch known as "upgrade-itis". But, perhaps call it sheer curiosity, that I began wondering how much better it could get. I had heard of David Schulte and The Upgrade Company by word of mouth regarding their upgrade to the Reimyo CDP-777. Intrigued, I contacted David regarding my own.

First off, I have to mention what a great pleasure it was talking to David. I've had the good fortune of meeting several truly good people in the audiophile industry and David is right there with the best. It was clear that he is a person who is both passionate about his work and about audio. After I sent him the Reimyo, it was a week later when I wrote to see if the player had arrived, only to find out that David had already completed the upgrade. I know not to give the accolades to the shipping companies, so kudos for David of doing such great work in such a short amount of time.

The player arrived just a few days ago with only a few hours burn in. David stresses that however good it is out of the box, the player requires many hours of burn in to reach its full potential. 300 hours is apparently the magic mark, but improvements can supposedly still be heard after 1000 hours. After its arrival I set it up, went to bed, and woke up prepared to spend all day with it.

That day was yesterday. First CD in, and right away I was greatly impressed. It's odd to know your system's sound so well, because any change feels like a monumental one. But right away I heard improvements both great and small. The first and most obvious improvement was a huge leap in clarity, detail (both micro and macro), and overall musical "ease". The Reimyo was already perhaps the most natural digital player in existence. But the upgrade took this naturalness to a much greater level. I'd compare it to a release of whatever bit of tension the player might have had. The upgrade released that extra tension, allowing the music to flow with a greater fluidity and ease.

The clarity was also increased. Everyone has an idea of what words like clarity and transparency means, but I equate it with looking at the music through a veil. The darker that veil, the harder it is to "see" the music. Great components - and with this case, a great upgrade, removes layers of that veil. Creating a greater sense of the music being right there in the room with you. With great headphones, they can shine a spotlight on this clarity.

Detail is another trick word that covers a lot of areas. But with the"Signature Edition" upgrade, I was clearly able to hear micro dynamics I'd not ever heard before. The pluck of strings, the smallest inflections in phrases. This extra micro detail did not come at the sacrifice of the big picture. While it was much easier to pick out individual instruments, the whole was enhanced as well, seeming more coherent.

To me, it's always the great test of any change in an audio system to throw a difficult disc at it. One that turns to sludge on a lesser system, but shines on a greater one. I from my collection Alter Bridge's "One Day Remains" to test Upgrade Co's SE upgrade. To my great surprise, the upgrade was not only able to sort through the sludge, but clean it up in such a way that it was almost like an entirely new album. The guitars were huge and crushing, but they were locked in place with clearly defined edges that didn't smear into other instruments. And I have to mention the improvement with vocals - one flaw with my system with the stock Reimyo was that vocals could often seem "off". The SE upgrade cured all that - the upgrade brought a brand new sense of rightness and realness - as if the singer were right there in front of me.

Another flaw with my previous system was in the treble. While the Reimyo's treble is world class in its extension, the highest registers could often become harsh. But this upgrade smoothed out the treble to such a degree that discs that I'd previously grit my teeth at when the high notes came, I now found myself loving them. The treble was now not only extremely fluid, but whatever harshness and glare there was gone. It was like going from old Analog TV to 1080p, to "High Definition".

With Upgrade Co's SE upgrade, every audiophile's "checklist" can be immediately checked off:
The soundstage got even bigger (already my system's greatest strength), but add a greater sense of airiness, focus, and depth. Dynamics - another strength of my system - increased as well. The tone was dead on with every instrument I heard - making the music sound a lot more like real music.

So, what about the price? In the world of audiophiles, unless you're truly rich, price is a major factor. And with so many snake oil salesmen in the business, it's a tricky business sorting the "worth its" from the "rip offs" from the "fairly priced". But this upgrade is the first time where I almost felt like I was the one doing the ripping off. At $1500 for Upgrade Co's Reimyo 777 SE upgrade, that's just 10% of the Reimyo 777's MSRP. If the upgrade had increased the performance of just 10% it would have been well worth it. However, we are way beyond that before burn-in, I'd say 25% with easily another 25% in store after the new parts have burned in and seasoned, based on my experience with new equipment.

Ultimately, I could not be happier with my decision to upgrade. A testament to the greatness of any audio upgrade is how you find yourself wanting to listen to it. I spent nearly 14 hours listening to it yesterday alone, and plan on listening more today after writing this. Everything the upgrade did was positive- which is precisely what an upgrade should do. I lend my highest recommendation.

Johnathan H., Oklahoma

UPDATE from customer - late 2008:

It's doing excellent. I probably have close to 1000 hours on it now. The high end really opened up, and whatever fuzz the stock Reimyo had is completely gone and now the highs are better than any I've ever heard. The bass has also refined a lot. I've also been mightily impressed by the increase in detail and clarity. I mean, the upgrade was superb out of the box, but burn in has really brought an even finer level of overall transparency and detail and dynamics.

Overall I couldn't be happier! Thanks for the terrific job as I've been enjoying it immensely.



ARC Ref 2 Mk 2 Pre Smp and the Reimyo CDP-777

You'd be a little nuts to expect two "top-of-the-line" components like the ARC Ref 2 Mk 2 pre amp and the Reimyo CDP-777 could be improved. But that's exactly what David Schulte's, "The Upgrade Company" achieved with a little bit of technical magic. For approximately $1000.00 ea., David truly "upgraded" almost $24,000 (when new) units. The enhancements include expansion of the musical space, dead-quiet, far more detail in the most complex musical passages and, that foolproof marker something's a lot better: "old" CD's suddenly seem new and exciting. I'd recommend The Upgrade Company without hesitation!

Jon Farbman, NJ

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