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The Upgrade Company

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Berning Testimonials

Berning ZH-270 Tubed Integrated Amp

This is a review of my Signature Edition Upgrades to my David Berning ZH-270 tubed integrated amp and my PS Audio DirectStream DAC.
During the SE Upgrade I had optional V-Caps installed in the ZH-270 and 3 copper Bybee slipstream quantum purifiers installed in the PS Audio DAC. 

So, let's get to the sound.  Totally "Jaw Dropping".  Incredible. The upgrades were not subtle. The first thing that hit me was the totally effortless presentation.  I have never heard this out of any stock gear.  My system exudes so much more energy and power and musicality.

Music just floats out of my speakers.The Upgrade Company's technology also greatly increased dynamics, clarity, imaging and my system now spreads a gorgeous soundstage that makes you feel like you are in the recording studio. This is where I can use the word "organic" because the sound is now so natural. I streamed "Bridge over troubled waters" and Art Garfunkel's vocals were incredibly real sounding, I literally felt like Art was in my listening room.

My main mission in doing these upgrades was to try to achieve a digital set-up that sounded like my vinyl. Mission accomplished and I'm now selling my complete record collection(1600 records). I just sent more equipment for Upgrade Co. to upgrade.  
Last but not least, David (The Upgrade Company's CEO) is awesome to work with. David can provide excellent insight into the project if you ask and make recommendations based upon your budget. David is one of the good guys in this industry.  David in effect saved me tens of thousands of dollars I would've spent on higher end stock gear and I totally doubt ANY stock gear could sound like this.  My suggestion is, don't over analyze. You've got a full 30 days to get all of your money back. 
Send in your gear, I promise, you will not be disappointed.
Gary L. Peeke
Chicago, ILL
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