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Customer support and communication is an issue taken very seriously by The Upgrade Company. We strive to exceed your expectations. 
Please drop us an email or voicemail today.  We promise to reply to your inquiry as fast as possible.
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Contact Info

The Upgrade Company

Customer support and communication is an issue taken very seriously by The Upgrade Company. We strive to exceed your expectations. 
Please drop us an email or voicemail today.  We promise to reply to your inquiry as fast as possible.
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Office Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, PST


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Recommended Components

Recommended Components

 Obtain Ultra High Performance which cannot be had from any HiFi Store…

 Judge for yourself in your own system FOR 30 DAYS AFTER YOU RECEIVE IT

No returns for over 15 years now!

Our results have doubled every year since 2014 with new materials and techniques

Combating RF requires thick shielding as radio TV police fire EMS & cellular broadcast levels are at least 20,000 watts and normally far higher.  Imagine a typical stereo played full blast, 100 watts per channel.  200 watts total. Would walls just 1/16th” thick attenuate the volume much?  No, barely at all.  Same with RF volume levels.  The thicker the cable shielding/attenuation/dissipation the better to stop the collection/reproduction/amplification the 1 trillion pulses of radio frequencies in the air all around us in any urban environment. Shielding is not putting a metal case or dividing wall that does NOTHING.  It must be adhered tightly to the conductors and MANY layers.  ALL chipsets and active parts must have special shielding plates that only THE UPGRADE COMPANY may apply in the consumer electronics field by law.  Passive parts also must get shielded and dampened as well as they collect RF right off the "clocks" (correctly termed RF Generators) in modern HiFi and AV gear.

What is electrical noise and how does it affect your DAC for example?

We’ve been here eleventy billion times before: the sound quality of a digital audio system doesn’t rely simply on the safe arrival of each and every bit but how accurately those bits are timed into the DAC chip. Any mis-timing is called jitter. Electrical noise – entering hi-fi components via the mains and via cables acting as antennae – can seriously disturb the timing accuracy of a DAC’s clock oscillators.

Not only. According to Garth Powell, Direct of Power/Engineering at AudioQuest, electrical noise will also make its way into the analogue section of a DAC to potentially mask the very low-level signal retrieval for which it was designed/purchased.

Powell’s extensive knowledge paints a worrying picture for those looking to extract the very maximum performance from their high-end audio hardware. A house in the woods isn’t a complete escape. It’s not all bad news. According to Powell, linear power supplies can be more effective than their switching counterparts in catching and killing some (but not all) electrical noise.

My 30-minute chat with this electrical noise expert goes a long way to explaining why we hear differences between network streamers, their external power supplies and interconnecting digital (and network) cables.

The Upgrade Company has truly launched a technological revolution in the consumer electronics marketplace by focusing on reducing both the collection of airborne RFI & EMI pulses/noise from actual signal content, chipsets, circuitry and power supplies which has resulted in massive performance transformation boost in any brand at all price levels. Higher grade parts & wiring were simply the very beginning of maximizing the reproduction of recorded audio & video.
"State of the Art" no longer equates to "highest priced".  Our SE Upgrade & RFI EMI RIDDANCE Technology are the current State of the Art available to consumers.
Please read our "Why Upgrade?" webpage to learn why all factory brands & modified units are mainly reproducing radio frequencies NOT solely the intended audio & video signals.  Most of the power supply and chipset "work time" is spent reproducing RF collected out of the billions of RF pulses in your listening room as well as hundreds of thousands of RF pulses every millisecond your audio & video gear produces on its own, which is then reproduced and amplified by your sources output stage, then your preamplifier, then your power amplifiers, in addition to billions of RF pulses collected out of the airwaves every millisecond.  Remember just 1 WiFi router emits 2.4 billion RF pulses per second, and if you count the available WiFi routers in the vicinity of your smartphone/tablet, multiply each of those by 2.4 billion.  Your electronic gear is completely overloaded with RFI ruining performance.  Night and day once SE Upgraded & RFI EMI RIDDED.

EVERY SE upgrade is satisfaction guaranteed for a full 30 days in your system starting once you receive the item.

100% of your purchase price less shipping.  We have not had a return in over a decade and we have massively innovated many times over in the past decade.  Our SE Upgraded models simply best ANYTHING ELSE IN THE MARKETPLACE regardless of price or hype or other mods.  There is zero risk of losing your money.

We recommend that you begin this journey by SE upgrading your source first.  Simply send us your CD player, Universal player, transport & dac combo together. Starting with a power amplifier or preamp is incorrect.  A system is only as good as its source.  

Simply adding one of our SE upgraded players to your system will dramatically improve both audio & video performance, even in stock systems.  The ultimate in "State of the Art" performance is obtained when used in conjunction with our SE upgraded fully internally shielded & dissipated pre and power amplification and power line conditioning.

We would not recommend investing more into new speakers or cabling in lieu of one of our SE upgraded AV Controllers and players.  Our sources and prepro/preamplifier's will RADICALLY transform you system in ways nothing else can.  Then when you can afford to SE upgrade/shield/attenuate/dissipate/dampen all of your power amplifiers or purchase our brand new SE upgraded matching SE upgraded power amplifiers, and possibly upgrade your loudspeaker crossovers, you will achieve a "State of the Art" system.  The key to reaching "State of the Art" performance is to SE upgrade/shield/attenuate/dissipate/dampen EACH & EVERY one of your components. 

SECOND: Get a new SE Upgraded A/V Controller or Preamplifier: STOCK top of the line mega buck highest cost Home Theater Processors & stereo preamplifiers still do not come close to the sound or video imaging capabilities of lower cost Home Theater Processors & stereo preamplifiers that have become SE upgraded & RFI EMI RIDDED. Our unique RFI EMI RIDDANCE TECHNOLOGY makes all the difference in achieving the worlds finest video & audio performance, both for two channel, movie soundtracks and video. Don't doubt it for a second.  Why else would be offer a 30 day in home trial all these years?  Our technology is the best in the field. Backed up by a 5 year parts 7 labor warranty.

The very best A/V Controllers out as of May 2020 are the KRELL 4k Foundation, McIntosh MX-122 & MX170. The third best is the Marantz AV-8805 which is a bargain considering once its been SE Upgraded & RFI EMI RIDDED inside it beats out the highest cost A/V controllers such as the Krell 4k Foundation that are still in their naked for profit built compromised mass-produced form.   We like the latest Marantz AV-8805 AV Processor/preamp/DAC. The 8805 provides dramatically improved audio and video performance over any stock Class A Editors Choice preamp or AV Controller on the market that's still in its stock "For Profit Built" NAKED RFI EMI contaminated condition. The Emotiva XMC-1 is not recommended due to operational issues and it is a clear step down due to being grainy and washed out in picture and sound, "lightweight" MIDFI compared to the higher cost controllers.  However any modern AV controller once SE Upgraded is still 100% guaranteed to be beat ANY stock model that is still in its buck naked unshielded undissipated unattenuated "For Profit Built" factory mass produced form.  Ypsilon makes the best stock electronics in the world in our opinion but cost prohibitive for most.  Our RFI EMI RIDDANCE technology installed into Ypsilon affords a 50% improvement over Ypsilon's stock buck naked RFI contaminated factory form however. 

THIRD: POWER AMPLIFICATION - ALL amplifiers are completely elevated to State of the Art with our SE Upgrade & RFI EMI Extraction & Shielding Technologies.  Power Amplifiers collect massive amounts of radio frequencies every millisecond and spend MOST of their power supply storage amplifying this airborne RFI.  Amplifiers heat up due to RFI amplification, not your speaker impedance which remains constant at both low and high power levels.  Your existing power amplifiers should become SE Upgraded & RFI EMI RIDDED in order to outperform the worlds best stock power amplifiers because the fact remains, todays highest cost amplifiers are all internally naked and contaminated with RFI & EMI and often use cheap parts & wiring.  Most of today's high cost brands inside are just like low priced brands, no magic, just a brand name with no better parts nor any shielding/attenuation/dissipation/dampening of RFI EMI at all which in comparison to the same unit upgraded by us sounds grainy thin irritating and hard and flat and dull and forward, especially when turned up. However, once SE upgraded to shield/attenuate/dissipate/dampen internally from RFI & EMI & vibrations, older amps such as the KRELL KAV-250/A3, A2, KAV-500 and S-1500 amps available affordably on the used market far surpass the sound of todays high priced megabuck  magazine Class A rated Editors Choice Best in Class models. ANY of our SE'd power amplifiers will perform to "State of the Art" once SE upgraded and burned in. Big clear airy musical lush liquid & accurate …as it was intended.  There are no unique circuit designs to sonic nirvana; the most effective approach to State of the Art is the ridding of Radio Frequencies from being amplified right along with the music. The high pulse rate high volume RF that is all around us is trillions of extraneous pulses every second present in the air, which drains the main and local power supplies faster than the music does,  the resulting pulse rate is 10-100 times higher than music with the same volume as the music signals are…in ALL amplifiers the unit is spending MOST of its local power supply on the circuit board reproducing RFI instead of just the music content. remember humans do not hear RF, it makes the sound dull flat weak bass, hazy, forward and hard.

If you're only into 2ch analog and have no use for a surround prepro or video, then we recommend that you invest into a brand new SE upgraded Marantz Integrated Amplifier or separate SE Upgraded preamplifier & power amplifier.  We offer the following brands Audio Research, Krell, Mark Levinson, Bryston, Marantz, McIntosh tubed or solid state, Emotiva. We can get any brand you really want. All high end modern brands can perform to STATE OF THE ART once upgraded. Our SE upgraded preamps also hit WAY beyond their investment level surpassing ANYTHING stock, 100% BUY BACK GUARANTEED. 

For dedicated music-only 2ch playback quality that is higher than the SE upgraded Blu-ray/DVD/Universal players we provide, we like the pure organic sounding musicality of our SE Upgraded McIntosh, Esoteric, Wadia players, the Pioneer Elite LX-500 and PS Audio separates but ONLY after PS Audio units been fully RFI EMI shielded/dissipated/attenuated and SE upgraded with high end parts and wiring and vibration dampening. Although, EMM LABS has done wonders with dac, circuit board design and material on the analog side of their players, they still use cheap noisy switching power supplies and unshielded clocks called RF generators that contaminate the rest of the player with a high volume of RFI hash inside their players. They sound hashy forward hard and gritty, mechanical. Consequently, the EMM LABS XDS-1 is a highly compromised yet capable 1 box player at the $25,000 price level. Once the XDS-1 and K-01 are upgraded, the Esoteric K-01 sounds cleaner and has a blacker background, with greater inner detail and greater liquidity due to the best transports and non-switching dead quiet (once upgraded) power supplies. The trick EMM uses to make their players sound better is to crank up the output level at the XLR and RCA jacks. Be sure to level-match players when comparing using the input trim if your preamp has this function, or simply get out the SPL meter (Radio Shack, others) using a 1khz test tone CD to level match the players first. The new Esoteric K-05 is a great player to upgrade.

On the high priced digital side, we really like the McIntosh MCD-550/MCD-1100, the SE upgraded and the new SE upgraded Esoteric K series K-05/K-03/K-01 which once SE upgraded beat out the stock Esoteric '03, '02, and '01 separates, Ypsilon transport & dac, all at a nice price savings if you purchase them brand new & already SE upgraded from us. The more you spend on upgrades, the better sound you'll have. Anything we upgrade beats anything stock….we guarantee it for a full 30 days once your get it home to compare against anything you want.  Nothing will beat it.


 Naked DAC's/Naked Video Scalers/Naked chipsets/Naked wiring/Naked op-amps / Naked parts = Poor Signal Fidelity & Poor Performance 

You have no idea how much performance you are missing! To achieve the very highest performance, your entire system must be upgraded with The Upgrade Company's military style shielding/attenuation/dissipation/dampening technologies to fully reveal the highest potential of recorded media. It is not icing on the cake it is a DRAMATIC transformation which elevates low cost units to HIGHER performance then stock/internally naked high priced models.

Why settle for compromised "For Profit Built" Hi-Fi when for just a little bit more, you can have a fully RFI & EMI shielded/dissipated/attenuated/dampened SE upgraded version which is 100% guaranteed in writing to FAR outperform stock non-upgraded cost-is-no-object models that received “rave reviews” from magazines.  This is an established verifiable fact… not a claim. High End audio (and video) electronics are internally naked and built "For Profit" not no-expense-spared like critical telecom, aerospace, military and medical equipment.  For decades, hundreds of millions of US Federal tax dollars have been spent on RFI/EMI shielding/attenuated/dissipation/dampening technologies for the U.S. Military and NASA.

Find out what you’ve been missing!

Our RFI/EMI riddance technology is the game-changer, not the name on the unit.

 Stock "Editor's Choices" Class A rated" "Top Pick" magazine touted gear is all naked inside; fully saturated and contaminated with its own radio frequency and electromagnetic emissions collected by all metallic electronic parts and wiring right out of the airwaves inside. There is no factory stock  "Editor's Choices" “Class A rated" "Top Pick" magazine-touted models that can beat one of our SE upgraded internally shielded/dissipated/attenuated/dampened components…None. Not the high priced stock components from EMM Labs, not tubed CD players, not even the high priced stock components from Esoteric, dCs, Burmester, AYON, Wadia, MBL or ARC etc. They're all unshielded inside from their own high-dose radio frequency interference/radiation & EM radiation. These high priced brand components contain many generic low cost generic parts and wiring with some high-end parts.  Remember a unit's signal integrity is only as good as its lowest performing link in the signal chain and power supply.  The startling truth is that high levels of internal RF and EM radiation inside HiFi & video gear which causes these orders of magnitude greater signal loss and signal contamination due to the inferiority of the parts employed.

Begin with an SE upgraded player and one of our SE upgraded AV Controllers for a COMBINED music & film system, sell off your high priced naked dull & flat sounding high end 2 channel system and use those funds to line out your NEW MUSIC & FILM system with well shielded silver/copper/rhodium cables like our TimePortal Cables power cords/interconnects/speaker cables. TimePortal Cables are 100% guaranteed to DOUBLE, TRIPLE, OR QUADRUPLE the performance of our SE upgraded units, 100% Buy Back Guaranteed 30 day In Home Trial on all TimePortal Cables

The typical home environment with a modern AV receiver or home theater processor & external power amplifiers, Bluray/DVD or CD player, WiFi, Sat/cable box, TV's, laptops, smart phones, numerous other WiFi devices etc. each utilize numerous "clocks" called radio frequency generators which all together typically broadcast a combined 1 million RF pulses per second into the air inside your home which every electronic device and all cabling picks up and injects into the signal paths for both audio & video. The differences

TimePortal Cables & RFI EMI RIDDANCE Technology makes is truly night & day, not just a tweak. Unattenuated RFI depletes power supply storage on tap inside your gear a minimum of 10 times versus the actual music or video signals by themselves.

All non-TimePortal Cables use only partial or flat out ineffective "shielding" of a thin woven metal braid which behaves more like an antenna then shielding. RFI & EMI go right through it! Radio frequencies in the air all around us goes full strength thru a pencil tip sized hole. (Read David J.Schulte's interview published on this site)

SE Upgraded gear cannot be pushed to its full sonic or visual capabilities without the unique TimePortal Cables. All other cable & power cord brands lack adequate RFI EMI RIDDANCE producing a hazy small flat soundstage with weakened bass response, loss of clarity/resolution & transparency always giving a hazy forward thin aggressive sound.  Audio is especially harmed whenever the volume is turned up on all otjer brands due to being 100% buck naked inside constantly having to amplify hundreds of thousands to a million or more pulses of RFI pouring in atop the actual music & video signals. Power supplies get drained rapdily and constantly.  Power amplifiers & chipsets heat up fast as a result. RFI EMI RIDDED gear operates at significantly cooler temperatures as a result, extending the life of your A/V equipment which most often failure due to the effects of heat over time.

The Upgrade Company SE Upgraded RFI EMI RIDDED equipment performs night & day superior to stock internally naked non-upgraded models, but nowhere near where they CAN perform when coupled with the same RFI EMI RIDDANCE Technology carrying the signals and feeding power INTO your HiFi & Video gear.

TimePortal Reference Cables are the real deal & come with a 30 day "In System" guarantee that they will produce a huge performance return on investment for you.  Many clients have replaced very expensive big name cables with TimePortal's unique passive RFI EMI Extraction technology for higher results.

In short, here's what's going on with all stock audio or video equipment:
Cheap parts & wiring, lack of any internal shielding, attenuation or dampening of radio frequency & electromagnetic radiation.  Naked wiring, naked parts, naked circuit boards.  All metal attracts & collects radio frequencies ruining performance in all brands of Hi-Fi & Video.  Try a piece of fish string or kite line for an antenna - it won't work at all.  All of the wiring inside all brands is collecting RFI millions of times per second ruining performance.
Our level of electronic parts, wiring, RFI & EMI shielding/dissipation/attenuation, and dampening FAR exceeds that of ANY manufacturer.  Don't waste money on manufacturer upgrades: they still do not utilize expensive parts/wiring nor is any manufacturer installing adequate (if any at all) RFI & EMI shielding/dissipation/attenuation/dampening.  Shielding is but one of the 4 stages necessary to rid RFI & EMI from power supply energy and from actual signal content.  
The end resulting performance of any HiFi system or component can never exceed it's worst performing parts & wiring.  Basic logic dictates that.
Manufacturer "upgrades" and new models end up amounting to little more then a sideways move or slight increase more often then not. The Upgrade Company's all-encompassing approach of having everything done correctly to the best technology affords gives a HUGE bang for the buck in every upgrade all the way to State of the Art for many models.
In order for manufacturers to survive they MUST adopt a "For Profit Built" let's "save some for future improved models" mentality and business model to succeed.
Every electronic part and wire in the signal path can be thought of as an interconnect, and every electronic part and wire in the power supply can be thought of as a power cord.  Our upgrades essentially replace a high number of interconnects and power cords within your components. The effects are remarkable. Far greater then replacing the interconnects and power cords OUTSIDE the components.
The finest most expensive medical, military, aerospace and commercial telecom equipment and space satellites are extensively shielded inside to preserve and maintain absolute signal fidelity and not waste power supply energy. However consumer electronics have NEVER been fully shielded until The Upgrade Company pioneered this technology in consumer electronics back in 1980, more then 33 years ago.

 Our RFI/EMI riddance technology is the game-changer, not the name on the unit

If you have not yet home demo'd one of our SE upgraded AV Controllers in your system against the best stock stereo preamplifiers, you should. SE upgrade clients in the past few years with our new SE Upgrades always prefer our verion, including some Forbes listed billionaires who could afford to literally buy anything.  One client bought our Onkyo 5509 SE Upgraded AV Controller and reported that once it was burned in it made a joke out of his magazine Class A rated supposedly "State of the Art" preamplifier, the AYRE K-1Xe ($10,500 MSRP with phono stage) in every way: the comparison was not even close. Even the MM phono stage of the SE upgraded Onkyo kills stock high end phono stages: OF COURSE they're all naked and contaminated with Radio frequency radiation, amplifying radio frequencies MORE than the LP milli-volts they're tracing. The sound of our SE Upgraded AV Controllers has ALWAYS beaten stock top of the line "Class A rated", "Editors’ Choice", "Top Pick" magazine touted models by Ayre, Audio Research, CJ, CAT, BAT, Bel Canto, Krell EVO etc. due to their stock NAKED factory "For Profit Built" condition which mainly amplifies RFI & EMI constantly NOT the intended signal content.

Great bargains can be had now on used equipment which can be sent into Upgrade Co to become SE upgraded.  Manufacturers cannot duplicate The Upgrade Company's trade-secret and patents pending  shielding/attenuation/dissipation/dampening technologies. 

    The key to having the finest performance in your system is to have ALL of your components SE upgraded fully shielded/attenuated/dissipated/dampened to MAINTAIN signal integrity all the way to the loudspeakers.  

    Any amplification of radio frequencies and low frequency EMR ruins signal integrity. Loudspeakers do not collect, amplify nor reproduce neither RFI nor EMI. Only electronics do. Airborne radio frequencies which are constantly amplified in stock naked HiFi equipment sends many tweeters into ultrasonic ringing and severe high frequency distortion, robbing power amplifier power away from reproducing only the music.


    Stock high priced high end audio is all built "For Profit" inside, no "radio frequency" nor "electromagnetic shielding/attenuation/dissipation/dampening, cheap wiring hastily applied via cheap corroded aluminum fast on connectors, cheap capacitors, and parts.

Fancy front panels, fancy remotes, less than straight reviewers, expensive packaging & literature in no way equate to High Performance. 

      NuForce, EMM Labs, Bel Canto and many other brands and models today are saving money by employing less costly switching power supplies instead of a much more expensive copper wired power transformer based power supply as the heart of a pure dead quiet Class A type power supply that does not emit radio frequency radiation which contaminates the rest of the player's wiring and circuitry and chipsets. Radio frequencies can travel full volume through openings or gaps smaller than the head of a pencil eraser and become collected by ALL circuitry and ALL analog and digital chipsets and ALL wiring. The sad truth is, the $25,000 EMM LABS XDS-1 uses the exact transport and digital circuit boards from the $5000 Esoteric SA-50. See our PHOTOS page for proof. The XDS-1 does NOT use one of Esoteric’s’ better VRDS transports, which fully clamps the CD, rather it uses a simple transport design made by Pioneer. To get the best transport mechanism, you'll need to step up to the mighty Esoteric K-01 player or better yet Esoteric's '02 or '01 separates, which did away with cheap noisy switch-mode power supplies. 

    Mark Levinson gear for example once SE upgraded, no longer sounds dark dull veiled and closed in and on the dead side. Clear, full bodied, bass slam galore, lively and crystal clear yet, 100% accurate and musical after being upgraded with The Upgrade Company's RFI & EMI shielding/attenuation/dissipation technologies vibration dampening, high end wiring and high end parts.

    Audio Research tubed units and V-Cap capacitors are a match made in heaven. Big sonic gains because V-Caps used in their construction are the most well shielded caps on the market. Their numerous layers of lead lining in the TFT series and the OIMP V-Caps are sealed and shielded inside a solid brass canister.

    McIntosh amplifiers are fantastic once upgraded. In stock configuration, they have a ton of unshielded wiring and slotted covers allowing massive RFI & EMI to enter the amplifiers circuitry and wiring giving the stock units a thin gritty peaked irritating thin sound in comparison to our latest SE upgrades.  McIntosh's secret to their huge, lush, liquid, high resolution sound they provide (once SE upgraded) is their unique McIntosh AutoFormer output transformer. This makes the amplifier perform at its very best regardless of the speaker it is connected to, unlike other solid state amplifiers, which do not have an output transformer and modulate during actual listening because all speakers put out a reverse signal called back-EMF that ends up modulating the amplifiers output transistors, resulting in huge instantaneous peaks of IMD distortion. Translation: thin, peaked, irritating sound as you turn it up loud. Output transformers are part of the reason why many have preferred tubed power amplifiers until hearing a McIntosh solid state power amplifier. 

    For those who desire a simple player-amplifier system devoid of a preamplifier, clients like the lush & liquid, very musical and involving yet incredibly resolving, McIntosh MCD-500/550 or MCD-1100 both of which can drive power amplifiers directly with their 12 volt internal preamp XLR & RCA outputs other brands simply cannot match directly into power amps. McIntosh did the variable volume outputs right. Oppo players sound awful directly into a power amplifier without a preamplifier. Just because the volume goes up/down does not make mean the input/output impedance's match nor the current & voltage delivery out of the little Oppo is anywhere near adequate. It isn't. However it will outperform stock naked preamplifiers.  Save up and purchase an SE upgraded preamplifier from us and you'll be glad you did.  Night and Day over the Oppo's alone. 

If money is really tight and you MUST have REALLY AMAZING sound and video there's no reason to feel bad about purchasing our SE upgraded A/V receivers: Today's top of the line A/V receivers once Signature Edition upgraded are 100% guaranteed to surpass all stock expensive preamp/amp separates on both stereo and movie audio and video. Stock units are NAKED unshielded and full of cheap stuff even at the very highest price levels. RFI & EMI shielding and upgraded parts & wiring are the answers, not MORE cheap parts & wiring, not MORE lack of RFI & EMI shielding found in their higher priced models. Today's top of the line AV receivers offer fantastic performance for pennies on the dollar. Clear, full bodied, bass slam galore, lively, and crystal clear yet 100% accurate and musical after being upgraded with The Upgrade Company's RFI & EMI shielding/attenuation/dissipation technologies, vibration dampening, high end wiring and high end parts.

    LAST TOPIC: Power line conditioning. Start by upgrading the actual AC wall outlets. Adding a dedicated line to the breaker panel your system is plugged into does NOTHING for rejection of RFI and EMI due to the use of UNSHIELDED NAKED ROMEX. Install $2.50/ft. ISOLATED GROUND ROMEX, the one with the green outer metallic thick aluminum sheath. RF & EM blocking and dissipation is still badly needed in the form of power line conditioning. NEVER use the unshielded orange or white Romex. Cryogenic treatment does NOTHING for rejection of RF nor EM energies. Naked cryo'd Romex sounds AWFUL (hazy, veiled, lacking bass and highs, ill-defined) in direct comparison to the green colored ISOLATED GROUND type Romex with its shielded covering along the entire length of the run and copper & aluminum isolated grounded end caps. Video also improves tremendously. Start your HiFi or Home Theater system with a new isolated ground dedicated line and high end wall outlet, one the best sounding of the two 120v phases that enter every service panel. The phases sound different from each other.

    Get a at least one power line conditioner to extract RFI & EMI out of the electricity that is powering your system, even better if the powerline conditioner maintains 120v at all times like some top models do. Dedicated lines are still full of RFI collected out of the airwaves unless you use isolated ground type Romex. Digital equipment (sat/cable boxes, home phones, cell phones, players, prepro's, switch mode power supply equipped (Bryston, Bel Canto, NuForce, EMM Labs, some Marantz, Denon, Oppo, etc.) gear generates BIGTIME radio frequency radiation and puts it back out into the air into nearby gear and into the ground and neutral lines into other gear. ALL wiring and ALL circuit traces and electronic parts due to their metallic content collect RFI and EMI just like antennas do. RFI travels both upstream and downstream into and out of linked components in your system and in your household. Powerline conditioners that do their job to extract RFI and EMI before it enters your equipment can be had at low price levels. Many high priced audiophile powerline conditioners are quackery and bear almost no improvement during measurements or in direct comparisons. If comparing, plug your TV/flat screen/projector into various powerline conditioners to see if the picture dramatically improves as it will with a proper line conditioner. The best powerline conditioners dramatically improve the video and audio observations or measurements. Certain powerline conditioners perform sonic and visual wonders at a modest investment. We like to begin with an Oyaide R-1 or Furutech wall outlet with the Oyaide WPC-Z or Furutech carbon fiber (RFI/EMI dissipating) cover plate through a quad shielded 10ga silver/copper TimePortal Reference silver/copper/rhodium power cord with 24k rhodium ends into isolation transformers which then feed two or more powerline conditioners: 1 for digital components & 1 for analog components. We like to keep digital components (TV, Sat/Cable boxes, players, prepro's, transports, dac's) on a their own powerline conditioner and amplifiers & turntables/phono gear alone on their own dedicated line & powerline conditioner, again always being fed by an "isolated ground Romex wired" fully shielded dedicated line with its separated ground and shield. By the way Shunyata powerline conditioners help but still leave a lot of RF & EM noise on the line. Much more is needed in the form of parallel inductive/capacitive filtering and power factor correction once the power leaves a Shunyata product. This says nothing about the INTERNAL RFI & EMI your gear generates on its own, contaminating ITSELF thousands of pulses per SECOND which NO powerline conditioner can extract or ameliorate whatsoever.  Remember......

    We would not be selling hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of our SE upgraded gear and continue to maintain a 100% Buy Back Guarantee with a national A+ Better Business Bureau algorithm rating otherwise.


    Low priced models - Too many to name them all, but here are some brands listed alphabetically that are worth upgrading if you cannot afford to buy new & upgraded:

  • Anthem - VERY Cheaply made WAY overpriced. Onkyo/Integra is FAR better built. We carry it, we know. Internet CHAT ROOM darling, WATCH OUT. Not recommended! Onkyo 5509 KILLS it.
  • Arcam -Overpriced. Upgraded Marantz, Onkyo/Integra kills it. Arcam upgrades well but costs too much and old tech, nowhere near the 4K scalers and latest Audessey Room Correction EQ.
  • Bryston - Upgrades VERY well. SP3 prepro, Music Server, DAC, CD player all upgraded night and day performance improvement over stock.
  • Denon - No more high end stuff from Denon above the 4520Ci AV receiver, look for the new AV controller and amplifier from sister company Marantz, AV-8000 series prepro and amplifier are rumored to be out soon.
  • Emotiva - Lot of room for improvement in their power amplifiers. However go with Marantz, Onkyo, and Integra for prepro. Expect a 5X performance improvement over stock once SE upgraded in terms of those amps it competes with.
  • Integra - Amazing once upgraded, same units inside as Onkyo, different faceplates. SE upgraded gets a 20X performance improvement over stock beating out the$30,000 Krell EVO prepro and the $13,000 McIntosh MX-151 AV controller.
  • Marantz - Upgrades to far greater performance. Upgraded Marantz 8801 AV controller and UD7007 player kill stock high end prepro's including $10k Anthem D2V & stock high dollar CD & DVD players.
  • OPPO- 3D Blu ray, 2D-3D conversion, 4k resolution, DVD SACD CD HDCD Netflix, Ethernet ready Universal players with digital inputs to be used with a PC music server. GREAT PERFORMANCE for the money beating any stock gear made BUT NOT BEST CHOICE PLAYER, Pioneer Elite is
  • Onkyo AV Controllers/AV Receivers- Amazing once SE upgraded. Guaranteed to outperform any stock AV controller or high dollar 2ch preamp including Ayre, ARC, ML, LAMM, Anthem D2V, Classe SSP-800, etc. Onkyo's once SE a Upgraded are simply stunning. Our SE upgrade gets a 20X performance improvement over stock. Huge lush liquid airy musical powerful transparent and accurate with ALL the latest features including a powerful room acoustics analyzing and correcting computer inside.
  • Parasound HALO - Highly recommended, great line to upgrade. Well designed, our SE upgrade will improve performance at least 10X over stock in terms of MSRP of what it beats.
  • Rotel - Decent but not recommended. Stick with Marantz at the low end Onkyo/Integra mid/McIntosh high end.
  • SIM Audio - Upgrades well. SE upgraded gets 5x as good as stock.
  • Theta - used older Theta dac's like the Gen Va, Pro Basic llla, can sound amazing once upgraded, beating any stock dac made today. Bits do not equal sound quality. The old Gen VA & current Gen 8 upgraded both sound phenomenal due to dual mono overbuilt design, jitter-jail, 6 transformer dual mono power supply. A beast of a dac; our SE upgrade will improve performance 20X over stock
  •  Mid-priced models - Too many to name all, here are some brands that upgrade well, call us for more recommendations within your needs.
  • Audio Research - All naked & contaminated with RFI and EMI inside like all other brands, our SE upgrade will improve performance 10X over stock.
  • Ayon - Well designed capable of far higher performance, all naked inside like all other brands, our SE upgrade will improve performance 10X over stock.
  • BAT - Well designed capable of far higher performance, all naked inside like all other brands, our SE upgrade will improve performance 10X over stock.
  • Bryston - Highly recommended upgrade all naked inside like all other brands, our SE upgrade will improve performance 10X over stock.
  • Cary - Not recommended. Our SE upgraded Japanese AV controllers (Onkyo 5509) will kill Cary's best tubed preamp.
  • Classe - All naked & contaminated with RFI and EMI inside like all other brands, our SE upgrade will improve performance 5X over stock.
  • EAR - The little 834P is a FANTASTIC tubed phono stage once upgraded one of the BEST, our SE upgrade will improve performance 20X over stock.
  • EMM Labs - Once upgraded, Night & Day over stock OEM "RIP OFF" condition. WAY overpriced.
  • ESOTERIC - Well designed capable of far higher performance,  all naked inside like all other brands.
  • LINN - Well designed capable of far higher performance, our SE upgrade will improve performance 10X over stock. 
  • Luxman - Well designed capable of far higher performance, our SE upgrade will improve performance 5X over stock. 
  • Marantz - upgrading removes the veiling and mushiness, haze and low resolution of stock top of the line models. Night & Day see our reviews/testimonials; our SE upgrade will improve performance 10X over stock. 
  • Mark Levinson - Night & Day upgrading Mark Levinson, our SE upgrade will improve performance 10X over stock.  
  • McIntosh - Our favorite line to upgrade. HUGE improvement over stock, most musical and reliable brand, holds value the best. Amps & preamps highly underrated; best in an all McIntosh system. Highly synergistic with other McIntosh models, our SE upgrade will improve performance 10X over stock.  
  • Musical Fidelity - stereo gear upgrades well, very cheaply made, our SE upgrade will improve performance 5X over stock.  
  • NAIM - Well designed capable of far higher performance, our SE upgrade will improve performance 5X over stock.  
  • Primare - GREAT to upgrade. Well-designed capable of FAR higher performance, our SE upgrade will improve performance 5X over stock.  
  • PS Audio- PerfectWave transport & PerfectWave dac are stars of the line, capable of NIGHT & DAY higher performance. Our SE upgrade will improve performance 20X over stock. 
  • SIM Audio - Well designed capable of far higher performance, our SE upgrade will improve performance 5X over stock.  
  • Theta Digital - Avoid Casablanca, Casa Nova & Theta power amps. NOT recommended in any incarnation due being way overpriced and under-performers. THETA dac’s are GREAT to upgrade, our SE upgrade will improve performance 10X over stock. 
  • Wadia - Way overpriced for performance. No high end parts, no shielding over wiring or parts, huge room for improvement. With an SE upgrade, it gets a10X performance improvement over stock.

    High priced "Cost-is-no-object" models - Alphabetically listed. We've received great customer feedback on these brands. SE upgraded, they each get 5X improvement over stock. Tremendous untapped potential in these top of the line brands which are all contaminated with RFI & EMI in the stock OEM naked condition.

  • Accuphase
  • Accustic Arts
  • Audio Research
  • Ayon
  • Ayre
  • BAT
  • LAMM
  • Burmester
  • Conrad Johnson
  • Convergent Audio Technology
  • dCs
  • Gryphon
  • Krell
  • Marantz
  • Mark Levinson
  • MBL
  • McIntosh
  • Meridian
  • Reimyo
  • Theta
  • Wadia
  • Weiss


The Upgrade Company "Signature Edition" upgrade completely transforms all stock flagship, "Class A rated", "Editors’ Choice" top rated models  



    Typically you can expect to reap a minimum 10 time multiple improvement of your upgrade investment. For example, our Oppo BDP-105 SE at $2499 beats the stock ESOTERIC K-03 ($11,650 MSRP) and the stock Esoteric K-01 ($19,000 MSRP)

    For example, our SE upgraded Oppo BDP-105 32 bit Blu-ray Universal CD/SACD/HDCD and Wireless players directly compete with the finest cost-is-no-object equipment available. We know they do, we've had most every high end model here. An upgraded mid-priced or flagship preamp made within the past 5 years can cream stock "cost-is-no-object" preamps appearing today in magazines as a top pick. The Upgrade Company has made tremendous advances that result in the very best S/N ratio and frequency response measurements in the industry.

     The very highest priced models still have higher performance in store given the best parts/wiring/dampening and shielding inside. Again manufacturers do not do everything they can possibly do. I know you're sure we're telling a big fat lie here, but we're not. We put our money where our mouth is. The Upgrade Company continues to remain debt free and highly profitable, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in upgrades year after year. If we did not provide our clients what we claim, that would not be the case at all. We would not be A+ rated by the nationwide BBB and growing.

    Starting at just $299, we can update older upgrades we've performed to include our latest RFI & EMI shielding/attenuation/dissipation/dampening technologies, affording tremendously improved performance over the HIGHEST cost stock models made today. 

   You can expect a much larger more 3D soundstage, much blacker background, heftier bass output, silkier more lush mids and highs, higher resolution, improved S/N, THD and IMD figures, greater liquidity and transparency. Much more musical and engaging, zero fatigue, zero glare, zero etch, zero grit. We can install an entirely new transport & laser assembly, all new mechanicals, to make an older player new again. Once we've certified an upgrade to "Signature Edition", you can expect it to perform to "cost-is-no-object" levels. We want our customers to know we stand behind our older upgrades even if performed 5-10 years ago, which are not even near today's standards: We'll help keep performance current with the finest equipment made today by updating the older upgrade with our new RFI/EMI shielding and parts selections starting at just $299+ return shipping. Units purchased in the used marketplace may have been modified or tinkered with by their owners or other modifiers and are no longer working anywhere near our performance levels.

     The Upgrade Company continues to earn high praise from audiophiles the world over and a few courageous reviewers from time to time. We enjoy helping consumers get the most bang for their buck. Manufacturers want consumers to stick with them and purchase their new models. This makes sense with digital components where firmware and chipsets are ever evolving, then send it into us to get the unit properly shielded and dampened, and high cost parts installed. Amplifier & preamplifier analog circuits and power supply designs have not really improved over time, except to get less costly. They continue to be built with "For Profit Motive" parts and wiring and no RFI/EMI shielding/attenuation/dissipation/dampening, which have a FAR greater impact on performance then high end parts & wiring do. We've pioneered many approaches to improving audio and video performance over the past 31 years.

    Our warranty period matches the manufacturer's warranty on new sales and provides a total of 5 years parts and labor on our SE upgrades.

The Upgrade Company is the only High End Audio store that provides a 100% Buy Back Guarantee and the only High-End Audio store that provides a  


The risk is all on us.     



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We wish to comment upon the photo below, whoever did this clearly has no idea how to shield and frankly gets an “F” in logic.  By foil lining everything, he is actually CAUSING MASSIVE RF and EM wavelengths to become reflected back at the person sitting in the seat.  Completely wrong and incorrect.  The proper scientifically established approach would be for the person working in this cubicle to wear specially designed and sold shielding clothing thats been available for decades. Google “Less EMF” store.  Clothing lined with or made out of silver or gold threads to shield the body and head, overcoat, t-shirt, gloves, scarf, hat and face shield.  If he is really concerned about DNA mutation genetic damaged caused by RFI & EMI radiation, a face shield is available which is anodized with a thin layer of gold like astronaut and some air force pilot helmet lenses are. Again available at Less EMF.



RCA caps such as these INCREASE airborne RFI collection due to the sharp metal 360 degree edge which attracts RF like a magnet out of the airwaves. Total RF into the RCA jack is INCREASED.  No wonder audiophiles never liked these.


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