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 (5) of David J. Schulte's patents

Photo Gallery

TUC Four Players with Signature Edition Upgrade

McIntosh preamps inside

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McIntosh is now using some of our old trade secrets and has silver foil wrapped 2 locations inside their new MVP-891 Universal player.

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Three photos taken of the inside of a brand new, stock, non-upgraded McIntosh MCD-500 SACD/CD player.

This is a $6500 CD/SACD player that is an excellent player to upgrade, having decent consumer level engineering and some positive attributes.  However it is seriously flawed like all consumer electronics are.  Here's why:

  1. Draw your attention toward the white colored flat conductors and to the black, white, and colored wiring.
  2. Note that all of the black, white and colored wiring and all of the flat white colored conductors are all bare naked & wide open, collecting both RFI & EMI contamination.  
  3. Note the hidden skinny bare naked unshielded aluminum 24ga wire serving as the power cord from the IEC inlet to the transformer board.  This is what your multi-thousand dollar power cord becomes once it enters a any number of stock non-upgraded high end audio models like McIntosh and most other brands.
  4. Note the unshielded colored wires carrying the power cord AC to the transformer on the left top, and the bare naked wide open unshielded colored wires coming out of the transformer providing contaminated power to the various sections of the power supply.  
  5. Note the (2) black colored power supply wire bundles attached & entering the transport are also bare naked, wide open, collecting both RFI & EMI thousands of times per second with Khz band noise from the MCD-500's clocks, contaminating the transport and raw digital data off the disc.  
  6. The entire player is being self contaminated through the bare wiring and bare conductors which are constantly collecting RFI (not to mention EMI) thousands of times per second with Khz band noise from the MCD-500's clocks as well as airborne RF radiation from outside the player, and what travels into the player along interconnects and the power cord.   
  7. What do you think this contamination does to the sound of the player when RFI & EMI is reproduced right along with the music?  It ruins it.  Flat and dull sounding. Weak bass, small, hazy and thin, low resolution next to the same player that is shielded by The Upgrade Company's techniques and materials.

By law, no manufacturer nor modification/upgrade firm can approximate or duplicate our shielding.

When discovered, the owner and the installer will be subjected to a U.S. Court, World Court, or other international court order to remove it,  all at the owners and/or the installer's expense.

**This very serious lack of attention to RFI & EMI contamination is not unique to McIntosh.  All consumer electronics manufacturers suffer from SEVERE RFI & EMI contamination causing constantly depleted power supply and damaged signal fidelity in both analog and digital domains**

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Typical "CLOCK" installation, which amounts to consumer fraud:

Photo's showing a well-known competitors "clock" installation with burned parts, some sort of glue to hold the wires and lifted circuit traces down, torn circuit traces, burned circuit board, burned capacitors, missing sub-miniature SMD parts, and worst of all,  (3) original quartz clocks left in place underneath the actual "ultraclock-superclock".   This is not the level of expertise that we find acceptable.  Three of this unit's original clocks appear underneath and covered up by the Ultraclock Superclock.  They appear as elongated oval shiny chrome looking parts. This aftermarket clock replaced only 1 of 6 clocks in this unit.  The consumer was never informed that the other 5 clocks would remain in the unit. The consumer was led to believe was an "ultraclock" and a "cure-all" for jitter.  The consumer was never given any before or after jitter measurements showing any improvement.  This is typical of a "clock modification",  the "hard sell" HiFI mod from other modifiers.  It is a scam. Any improvement ever heard with a clock modification was solely due to other mods performed with higher quality better parts, high quality wiring, vibration dampening.  
Note the unshielded gold colored wires running from the clock to the circuit location which held the original quartz crystal oscillating clock. These loose unshielded wires actually collect RFI and EMI and RAISE the jitter as they vibrate during use, mainly from speaker vibrations & airborne reception of RF (radio frequencies). These 2 gold wires are also dangerously close to the solder connections from other circuits. Perfect example of how other audio modification firms don't tell you how they must leave all the other clocks in the unit stock and still in place after they install a "clock".  Where are the jitter measurements showing improvement from this glued on clock with loose strung wire?  These "clock" modifiers have never showed any results from clock replacements. The clocks used today are highly accurate and used by both military, cellular & telecommunications industries (cell phones require HIGHLY precise clocks),  NASA deep space communication,  and sensitive medical equipment where lives depend on the best imaging and test results.  We know of no HiFi modification firm who has a Miller Jitter Analyzer to measure what they're doing.  Modification shops routinely just slap a clock in and call it good, without taking any measurements because the truth is they lack the expertise and expensive gear to do so. That is not the way to improve performance or guarantee reliability.  Especially when they use glue to affix the aftermarket clock, and loose vibrating unshielded wire to cobble it into the circuit board. 

EMM Labs

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EMM Labs CDSA - This is a $12,500 MSRP EMM Labs CDSA-SE circuit board that handles ALL of the data after it comes off the disc. It is a purely generic off the shelf circuit board from Philips out of their ~10 year old discontinued SACD player.  There are no audiophile grade or expensive parts on this circuit board.  It probably cost EMM Labs all of $49 or less to put in their $12,500 CDSA CD player.  EMM's "New" XDS-1 has the same level of construction and appears strikingly similar in build. The XDS-1 uses the Esoteric VSOP transport that is manufactured by Pioneer Electronics out of the DV-60/SA-60.  EMM DOES NOT utilize the high end Esoteric VRDS-NEO full disc clamping heavy duty mechanism used in the top of the line Esoteric '01 Series.

 Esoteric DV-60 Universal player in stock "For Profit Condition"

Esoteric DV-60 Universal Player
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Esoteric DV-60 PCB - Main circuit board of a $6000 MSRP stock Esoteric DV-60. Note the only audiophile parts are the colorful capacitors, amidst a lot of cheap "For Profit" capacitors that are dull gray/black. The maroon capacitors are also cheap film caps, but not as cheap as the plethora of very tiny tan colored surface mount chip capacitors we can barely see all over this board. Esoteric could and should have used a high number of the red or green colored Wima brand polypropylene capacitors or polystyrene capacitors instead, yet we see only 8 red Wima capacitors on this entire main board. There are no audiophile or even medium grade resistors on this board; all are very cheap. The $6000 Esoteric DV-60 does not contain any RF or EM shielding or dampening either. This is the exactly same look & construction we find in a $99 Philips DVD player from Walmart, except for the 20 colorful audiophile parts.

Note how the overall appearance of this Esoteric DV-60 mother board is nothing like the build quality we see in the photo's for the Esoteric P-01/D-01 transport and dac.  Note the DV-60's circuit board build quality is nearly identical to the $99 Samsung DVD player pictured.

Samsung Cheap DVD
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Esoteric P-01/D-01/G-0Rb Top of the Esoteric Line in Stock OEM Condition

Esoteric top of the line P-01/D-01/G-Rb CD/SACD player Stock original untouched Esoteric D-01 Monoblock DAC Esoteric top of the line P-01/D-01/G-Rb CD/SACD player
Esoteric top of the line P-01/D-01/G-Rb CD/SACD player Esoteric top of the line P-01/D-01/G-Rb CD/SACD player Esoteric top of the line P-01/D-01/G-Rb CD/SACD player

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Photos of Esoteric D-01 DAC and P-01 transport power supply unit both in their original "For Profit built" condition.  The incomplete shielding of the wiring inside these units is appalling for a top of the line set costing close to $60,000 USD.  Note unshielded wiring left off due to cost & time to manufacture constraints.

Ideally all wiring should be shielded.  Large measurable improvements in signal-to-noise ratio are achieved, large improvements in detail and transparency, bass heft/weight,  and top end clarity are all heard by finishing the shielding of the wiring inside the P-01/D-01 set and adding noise attenuation on all of the power supply wiring.

The P-01/D-01/G-0Rb circuit boards are designed well, but still contain quite a number of "For Profit" motive capacitors, resistors, op-amps, and voltage regulators.  The performance can be doubled, signal-t-noise- ratios improved by over 11dB, THD+IMD distortion cut in half.



McIntosh MVP-881 Cheap Wires McIntosh MVP-881 Unshielded Wires
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McIntosh MVP-881 Universal player shows cheap ultra-thin ultra-cheap aluminum wires with corroded aluminum push-on connectors and no shielding on any power supply wiring or signal conductors, no vibration dampening and cheap fuses. Photos show stock original untouched $8500 MSRP McIntosh MVP-881 in it's "For Profit Built" condition.

McIntosh installs typically a 12"- 24" length of this same black & white ultra thin & cheap aluminum wire, cheap noisy fuses and corroded aluminum fast-on connectors in their preamplifiers, surround processors, dac's and transports, tuners.   This is what your expensive power cord becomes once it enters a McIntosh preamp, player, dac, transport, tuner, surround processor etc.   EMM Labs does much the same thing, but they use ultra thin/cheap copper wire with cheap fast-on aluminum connectors, again no RF or EM shielding, no dampening, and cheap electronic parts galore.


Cheap Parts

Samsung DVD-C500 Samsung DVD-C500
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Exterior & interior of a $59 Samsung DVD-C500 DVD/CD player.  Note how similar it looks to the $25,000 EMM LABS XDS-1 circuit boards pictured above.  All parts, wiring, flat ribbon type conductors and all chipsets are totally naked and unshielded and both brands contain many of the same low cost parts.

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Disclaimer: We believe but do not guarantee that the information on this website is correct at the time of publication.



We wish to comment upon the photo below, whoever did this clearly has no idea how to shield and frankly gets an “F” in logic.  By foil lining everything, he is actually CAUSING MASSIVE RF and EM wavelengths to become reflected back at the person sitting in the seat.  Completely wrong and incorrect.  The proper scientifically established approach would be for the person working in this cubicle to wear specially designed and sold shielding clothing thats been available for decades. Google “Less EMF” store.  Clothing lined with or made out of silver or gold threads to shield the body and head, overcoat, t-shirt, gloves, scarf, hat and face shield.  If he is really concerned about DNA mutation genetic damaged caused by RFI & EMI radiation, a face shield is available which is anodized with a thin layer of gold like astronaut and some air force pilot helmet lenses are. Again available at Less EMF.



RCA caps such as these INCREASE airborne RFI collection due to the sharp metal 360 degree edge which attracts RF like a magnet out of the airwaves. Total RF into the RCA jack is INCREASED.  No wonder audiophiles never liked these.


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