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Customer support and communication is an issue taken very seriously by The Upgrade Company. We strive to exceed your expectations. 
Please drop us an email or voicemail today.  We promise to reply to your inquiry as fast as possible.
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Cell towers TV radio & stations EMS broadcast RF 10,000+ times louder than a stereo full blast but we can’t hear RF.  Need thick walls around all cables to reduce the amount of RF contamination getting into signal & power cabling.  

TimePortal Power cord photos showing the cable gauges in Signature, Statement, Reference power cords which contain more RFI EMI Ridding materials and surface area then a power conditioner:


  1. Left side is our entry level "REFERENCE" comprised of 3x10ga copper which is standard for most audiophile power cords.  Reference is now  wrapped 4x with RFI EMI Ridding materials.
  2. Middle is our "STATEMENT" comprised of 4x 8ga copper which is wrapped 8x with RFI EMI Ridding materials end to end 360 degrees to shield, dissipate, attenuate, and dampen the cable from vibrations and RFI EMI both internally and externally. 
  3. Right side is our top of the line "SIGNATURE" with 4x 6ga. copper conductors.  Signature receives 13 layers of RFI EMI materials wrapped end to end 360 degrees to shield, dissipate, attenuate, and dampen the cable from vibrations and RFI EMI both internally and externally.   


We offer a -50% off discount on the first TimePortal power cord to find out the unusually large performance gains afforded.

We also heavily discount TimePortal Cables with each paid SE Upgrade order as an incentive to keep the signal integrity high and noise low from component to component.



The effect of any given tweak on your system will be directly proportional to your systems level of resolution. What may yield a negligible effect in one system will have a profound effect on another. However thats not the case with TimePortal Cables. Id like to comment on "The Myth of Diminishing Returns": Common wisdom holds that there is a point beyond which continued effort and expenditure begins to yield less and less. I have demonstrated to my entire satisfaction to clients all over that this is just not the case.  Actuallong term use and A-B comparison feedback supports this. In fact, I hold the reverse to be true with TimePortal Cables As the system becomes more and more resolving, it yields ever-greater gains with each SE Upgrade and each TimePortal Cables purchase.  The effects of the SE Upgrades and TimePortal Cables grows exponentially versus incrementally as with stock equipment and cablingThe gains are cumulative so that the next TimePortal Cable installed builds with greater efficiency upon the last and so on, because the final system performance is only as good as its worst performing link never the best.  

One TimePortal power cord will consistently deliver otherwise unattainable important improvements to the behavior of a stock or SE upgraded component. It is now common knowledge that the first TimePortal power cord results can be multiplied many times over by installing more TimePortal power cords. It has also been demonstrated that using more than one in a system does indeed greatly increase the overall effect of each TimePortal Cable. How and why it works is a topic for another day, but the key point is that it is imperative to take advantage of these totally unique cables in order to achieve State of the Art sound andvideo quality. 

Simply by substitutingyour existing high priced power cords with the totally unique TimePortal Statement or better yet Signature power cords,your system will becometremendously better sounding with greatly improved video as the new cables burn in and season, even right out of the box in most instances due toTimePortals RFI EMI RIDDANCE & EXTRACTION technology.  TimePortal power cords are much more effective then a power conditioner, due to the large amount of materials built into each 6power cord end-to-end 360 degrees around which affords a huge amount of  RFI EMI riddingmaterials& surface area to rid RFI/EMI collected out of the airwaves after power leaves the power conditioner and to continue extracting RFI/EMI still present after the power conditioner.  

TimePortals top series is Signature. The Signature power cord is by all accounts the thickest and heaviest commercially available power cord. They are set and forget, buy for life. An essential component. Each Signature power cord has 9 hand wrapped 360 degree end-to-end layers of RFI EMI Riddance Extraction and massive 4x6ga. conductors. Each Signature power cord produces 12x the results of the 6 layer 4x10ga. Statementpower cord.  Each Signature power cord actually contains 12x more RFI EMI Riddance surface area and materials over Statement. Circumference of a circle is pi = 3.14159 x diameter, so 4x thicker wire is 4x diameter which is 4x3.14159 or more than 12x surface area for a total of 12x the RFI EMI Riddance and Extraction power. This extremely powerful technology is the reason why Signature power cords, interconnects, HDMI and speaker cablesproducesuchunusually largeimprovements over any other cable brand in existence. You will really see the difference in video and hear the difference that a TimePortal Signature cable produces for you. TimePortal Signature power cord has more then 2,000-5,000% MORE RFI EMI Riddance Extraction surface area and materials over a power conditioner, on a 6length power cord.

We started the TimePortal line with Reference. The improvement was unmistakable. 

A few years later we then doubled the gauge on the power cord and speaker cables and added 3 more RFI EMI Riddance & Extraction layers to all cables. Statement was born.

Those who tried Statement could no longer bear to listen to Reference.

Three more years went by, and given that my mind is always presenting me with new and interesting options based on past experience and available materials, I came up with the notion to once again double the power cord and HDMI and speaker cable and interconnect wire gauges and move up to 9 layers of RFI/EMI materials employed to produce the Signatureline.Again there was a definite giant leap (double wire gauge is more than x6 surface area) in performance.  The effect of these two upgrades was quite astounding in the realm of greater density of information, deeper heftier more powerful airier taught defined bass response, increased organics information & clarity in the midrange and top end, with much greater ease and musicality, larger more precise 3D soundstage Much greater depth and image specificity. Yes all this from a$4,000 MSRP TimePortal Signature power cord.

If you've ever held a Reference power cord in your hand you know that it is light. You might think, "Where's the beef?" if you hadn't experienced what it can do. Then holding a Signature today is very heavy and real game changer. Some swear it must be storing power due to the huge effect it produces on the system. But what its doing is ridding RFI pulses from going upstream which relieves the electronics and their power supplies of a huge amount of workload. Signature is arguably the heaviest power cord made today. Thickest wire gauge at 2x 6ga on the hot. A given principle in power delivery is that thicker wire and added weight are a good thing. However theyre a bit of a project to install due to needing to be gently massaged and bent into desired position, and supported with Velcro straps or zip ties and Furutech or other cable risers.  Theres just no substitute for this. Well worth the trouble once burned in as nothing else produces this level of performance.

You might well ask what I am smoking. (Call me for an answer to that!)

Most recently we have been receiving a healthy uptick in orders for both Signature and Statement power cords, HDMI, interconnect and speaker cables. TimePortals power cords, HDMI & SPDIF/AES-EBU cables are proving to be the worldvery best by a truly wide margin.RCA & XLR are not but hit way above their price points.  Utilizing TimePortal HDMI cables throughout including to the display device is akin to spending 5x-10x more on your display or projector. Yes its that big of an improvement over other HDMI cables as they do not have RFI EMI Riddance& Extraction technology. And much better then fiber optic! 

In sum, after numerous testing and trials and actual numerous customer feedbacks, highly significant system performance improvements arise from swapping in TimePortal Cables. Each cable unleashes more of the previous cables performance, affords a far greater cost-to-performance boost giving more bang-for-the-buck then buying the latest magazine touted components, 100% guaranteed for 30 days in your system. What cable company gives you a 30 day trial period? TimePortal Cables add even more resolution to any already great high resolution system. Id be happy to help you experience these results in your system on a trial basis. Call or write me today.



+ 30 Day In Home 100% Refund Period

+ 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty with Every Signature Edition Upgrade

+ 100% GUARANTEED to beat ANYTHING else on the market!


Nothing we sell ever comes back.  

We don't even have to advertise.  Once our clients experience for themselves the extreme high performance & "bang for the buck" we deliver, they keep coming back as funds permit.  

The Upgrade Company would not continue to be A+ rated on the nationwide BBB algorithm month after month unless we were delivering on our promises.

Please Email Us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to place order

TimePortal STATEMENT Power Cords

TimePortal STATEMENT Power Cords
TimePortal STATEMENT Power Cords TimePortal STATEMENT Power Cords
Brand: TimePortal Cables
Product Code: TimePortal Statement Power Cord
Availability: In Stock
Price: $1,999.00

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TimePortal "Statement" series is constructed with a total of 6 layers of RFI EMI RIDDANCE technology for a GIANT improvement in both picture and sound quality, all from a power cord! FAR more RFI EMI ridding materials and surface area then a power conditioner.  Gauranteed to TRIPLE the performance of anything its plugged into.

It takes twice as many hours to make using TWICE the RFI EMI RIDDANCE materials for performance thatS DOUBLE that of TimePortal Reference. Sound quality as well as picture quality take a MAJOR leap up in performance even prior to any burn in.

TimePortal Statement Power Cords will dramatically improve the sound of your system. 

20 times more surface area within the power cord to rid RFI & EMI over any power conditioner. TimePortal's totally unique multi-layered 360 degree end-to-end RFI EMI Riddance works wonders on everything from 15A & 20A rated power conditioners, digital and analog sources, tubed & solid state preamplifiers and power amplifiers, AV Receivers, UHDTV's, video projectors, electrostatic loudspeakers, and subwoofers benefit as well. (4) 10 gauge conductors. 24k white gold aka rhodium ends.

The TimePortal Statement Power Cord will become permanently indispensable system components responsible for both ridding RFI and EMI before it enters your components and for maintaining signal integrity and blocking out and attenuating both RFI & EMI energies in your interconnects as well. You won't believe the difference TimePortal HDMI cables offer over all other brands.  All other brands have grossly ineffective RFI & EMI "shielding" utilizing only a braided mesh allowing airborne RFI & EMI that is always present in the airwaves all around us to pass thru just as light and water would pass thru the braid. RF is constantly broadcast from all digital electronics like home & mobil phones, WiFi routers 2.4 billions times per second, cable/satellite tuners, dvd/cd/sacd/bluray players, all disc transports, computers, radio & TV stations, police band radio, etc earth and noise from outer space itself, millions of frequencies and millions of pulses every MILLISECOND enter your naked for profit built consumer electronics to waste bandwidth and power supply storage reproducing it.  You cannot hear RFI or EMI, it is outside human hearing limits. The problem is radio frequency collection consumes power supply storage 10x-100 times FASTER then the actual audio or video signals. The pulse rate of RF is typically 10x -100 times the pulse rate of the audio or video signals.  Having a power line conditioner helps and is a must-have for any system, however power conditioners do not eliminate constant collection of both RFI & EMI out of the air into your cables and equipment up-stream of the power conditioner.

Cables should be thought of the same way you think of your HiFi & video components:

1) Perfect pristine analog/digital/video signal integrity CANNOT be maintained with NAKED RFI EMI contaminated cables in between components. RFI & EMI are all around us.

2) Perfect electronic reproduction cannot be had without pristine pure clean power delivered into the system. A system is only as good as the noisiest link in the chain, never the best.

3) Without cables no system will operate: there are varying levels of operation, cables are not the same in construction, therefore they do not perform alike.

TimePortal Statement Power Cords - Unique construction - Unique performance that must be heard.

100% Guaranteed to beat ANY other power cord made, PERIOD.

30 Day In System Money Back Guarantee

6’ long 24k Furutech rhodium AC & 15 amp IEC fittings $1999

8' long 24k Furutech rhodium AC & 15 amp IEC fittings $2499

  **20 amp IEC end adds $99**

Schuko style 24k rhodium AC plug - no extra cost

One time 35% OFF COUPON CODE valid one time on all TimePortal Cables. 50% off with a paid SE Upgrade!

Coupon Code will appear on checkout or email us.  

Try a TimePortal Statement RFI EMI RIDDED power cord today and compare

Actual Client Feedback shown below the photo.

Unsolicited customer comments sent to TimePortal Cables. 

June 2014

TimePortal Statement XLR & RCA Interconnects & Loudspeaker Cables

I must admit I was skeptical when you wanted me to replace the Spectral/MIT cables with the TimePortal Statement SE upgraded interconnects and loudspeaker cables.  We started by demo’g the speaker cables first, then a TimePortal Statement SE upgraded XLR interconnect between my Spectral amp/preamp.   Months later we replaced the interconnect between the preamp and digital player followed by TimePortal Statement SE upgraded RCA interconnects from turntable to phono preamp.  Not only was I blown away with just the speaker cable in the system, but each replacement just kept improving the music with simply astonishing results.  Each cable brought significant increased clarity & black backgrounds, much more detail without sounding etched or hard at all, very velvety and organic sounding.  Massively reduced grain, glare and forwardness over the Spectral/MIT Cables in the system. TimePortal Statement SE interconnects greatly increased micro dynamic contrasts, greatly increased the depth and height and width of the soundstage.    The overall presentation is so much more life sized and in our room.  Vinyl has never sounded better and digital is much easier to listen to with a much more refined liquid life-like relaxed presentation without losing any dynamics or detail.  

The TimePortal Statememt SE cables have really bought out what my Avalon Ascendant loudspeakers are truly capable of.  

Perhaps I could have possibly obtained the same results with MIT Oracle’s latest cables, but at roughly 15 times the cost of the TimePortal cables, why would I do that given the tremendous results we now experience?  These cables are a real game changer.  

I would encourage anyone who’s in the market for cables to give TimePortal Cables a try. They’re buy-back guaranteed to outperform anything you can find and based on my experience, I think it’ll be the very best money you’ll invest into your system.   

Robert Hack Muncie, IN    

April 2013

TimePortal Statement XLR analog interconnects & power cords:

You called it correctly when you had me replace the Transparent Ultra Power cords and Transparent Reference MM XLR cable between my Audio Research Reference 3 Line Stage and my amplifier.  What an improvement. This is an amazing XLR interconnect.  The bass, depth, air liquidity, detail and overall transparency snap and ease and clarity was just amazing right out of the box.  It’s getting even better as they settle in.  I’ll be back for RCA interconnects for my phono preamp soon. 

Paul Elliott, MN


TimePortal Statement Power cords

Like many users of high-end audio equipment, I have the usual collection of power cords, each with own unique appearance and flavor.  The flood of designer power cords that have hit the market in the last decade reflects listeners’ concerns for interference and coloration in the audio signal. Some of the power cords are like snakes, while others are like garden hoses- and then there are the bizarre woven kind that look like expensive automotive brake hose.  The one thing they have in common is that they each sound different but to my ear do not markedly improve the sound much more than stock power cords.  Enter TimePortal 9ga uniquely shielded power cord with pure 24k rhodium AC and IEC fittings:  this is truly a breakthrough product that actually cleans up the sound the minute it is installed.   

I A-B’d the TimePortal cords with all kinds of equipment. I consistently and immediately perceived improvements in focus, image depth, with a very black background, improved resolution, less grunge and haze.  

When I finally connected the two TimePortal power cords into my front end EMM Labs CDSD-SE and DAC6e-SE, I achieved spectacular results. 

As good as TimePortal power cords have been in my experience with all types of high end audio equipment, I find that digital electronics benefited the most.  Aftermarket power cords can be very expensive, and in that market the TimePortal Reference power cords  are on the side of economical.  However, TimePortal’s Reference power cord is a bargain at any price, because I cannot imagine running my digital front end now with any other brand of power cord.  Even sky-high priced cords I own and those I have demo’d.  

 Try one you won’t be sorry. 

UCLA Professor of Music and Composition,  Paul Reale (retired)


 March 2013

TimePortal Statement Powercords

When I previously upgraded my power cords to a big name brand, there was a very noticeable difference over the stock power cords. Going from the big-name brand to the TimePortal’s was a VERY noticeable difference immediately even prior to burn in. You told me these cords were really great and you were NOT exaggerating....and they’re not even broken in at all...right out of the box.

I plugged in the TimePortal cords right off the bat so that I could hear the difference and they are more than I expected. Instantly I noticed my sound was dramatically improved and the video looking more 3D like, almost like putting it into 3D and wearing the glasses, about a third of the 3D effect but no hassles with glasses or anything. I am ecstatic over the whole system and will be writing a most embarrassing review for you when all is burned in. Probably a month or two and will go from the start with the two Denon’s being upgraded thru to the power cords.

I played a CD on my system for the percussion section of the symphony I play in.  With the new TimePortal power cords throughout. Fellow performers thought the instruments sounded REAL. I’ve PLAYED those instruments my whole career and know exactly how they sound and this is just like going home to the studio or rehearsal for me. The punch and pop of the sound is amazing, her voice is out of thin air and the whole room sings by comparison. Blue Ray & DVD movies are both better in picture and sound and surround sounds are pin point placement and sharp, fast, THERE. 

Thank you so much for getting me to buy these power cords.

Tom Miller, CO


 TimePortal Statement RCA Analog Interconnects and TimePortal Reference Powercord

The last couple of years I have been a silver cable guy - not until a friend directed my attention to the TimePortal Reference RCA’s with a mix of silver & copper 99.999% wire with extensive shielding - and a 100% Buy Back Guarantee - not much to worry about.  When I received the cables about a week later, boy - did the TimePortals deliver. First of all the absence of "background-noise/digitalis" is striking and unusual.  Natural timbre seems to flow effortless - one is really just enjoying the music - not even looking for flaws - there simply aren’t any.  All the "State of the Art" parametres are there in spades - details that merge into a musical wholeness, 3D, transparency, dynamics, black background, strong low end etc.

I’ve owned many RCA analog interconnects up to around $5,000 usd - the TimePortal’s best everything I’ve tried by large margin - and at this price the TimePortals are truly a bargain - a real no brainer.  

The TimePortal Reference Power cables were also a positive surprise - they will settle down your HiFi setup - yet increase information retrieval and increase musicality from your signal source.  

They cleanup the artificial’s and without getting clinical - the live feeling moved 2 levels up. 

The best powercables I have ever heard in my 30 years in HIFI.  These "babies" really make a difference that everybody can hear/notice - unless one is totally deaf :-)

Martin I. 


 TimePortal Statement power cord and analog RCA interconnect testimonial 

Thanks for sending the TimePortal Reference power lead and interconnects to demo.  I have to confess I wasn’t looking to trial new interconnects or a power cord, or find any sort of excuse to spend more money. However, once I got them in the system and started swapping-out a few times, my views changed.  The Oppo 95 Signature Edition upgrade has had lots of use now and is sounding very good.  Strong bass.  The TimePortal interconnects seemed to emphasize that, but the quality of bass was significantly improved.  I thought I was already using good high end ICs, but they turned-out to be rather grey sounding in comparison. 

The TimePortal Statement interconnects were a real step forward.  There was significantly more drive and energy, and all the low-level things were opened up as well.  

The TimePortal Reference power lead was a surprise –  I heard distinct improvements from removing hash and unwanted hi-fi rubbish.  I wasn’t really expecting this from a power lead, but after several comparisons I really didn’t want to go back to what I’d been using.  After this I got more enthusiastic about hi-fi again, and starting playing everything I could think of.  It would be fair to say that I heard something new with everything I played.  I’ve not been able to drag myself away from the CD collection since, and I’ve been spreading the word with as many friends as possible, and another is coming round on Sunday. 

I hadn’t read anything about the TimePortal’s since they are a new line, so I had no preconception or prejudice. 

My indifference to cable upgrades has been turned around.

Best regards, 

Nick P. UK


TimePortal Statement Power Cords exhibit true reference class bass weight, definition and speed while articulating the mids & top end with the utmost in clarity & precision, all wrapped in a jet black background.  The most expensive & highly touted power cords were used for direct A-B-X comparisons to duplicate the best performance attributes of each cable.

TimePortal Reference Power Cords are comprised of 99.999% silver+99.999% copper wire mix, heavily shielded against RFI & EMI, 24k rhodium AC & IEC fitted as standard.  24k rhodium Schuko AC plug available no extra cost.  Australian/New Zealand/UK/Singapore style 24k rhodium Furutech AC plug add $150.  20 amp 24k gold Furutech IEC end adds $99.

TimePortal Reference Power Cords provide performance THAT SURPASSES big name cost-is-no-object power cords for a small fraction of the cost.  Simply must be heard to be believed. 

100% Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.  Two-week in home trial.  We have never had a TimePortal product returned

5 feet long $899

6 feet long $999

Custom lengths available, 5’ minimum order.  Shorter power cords sound worse then a longer cord. Our unique shielding & dissipation technology radically improves performance by increasing the ratio of clean power to RFI/EMI noise.





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