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The Upgrade Company

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 (5) of David J. Schulte's patents

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About The Upgrade Company

Why should you hire The Upgrade Company?


Firstly, we would not continue to be selling our SE upgraded new models and performing many SE Upgrades week after week for clients if we got returns.  No returns in 14 years.  100% 30 Day Trial Return Period.  Stop listening to hype and trust your own ears and eyes. 


Who are you going to trust? A salesman? A magazine reviewer or your own ears & eyes backed up with a 100% Buy Back Guarantee? 


Our clients trust their own ears and eyes, backed up with our 100% Buy Back Guarantee and hundreds of client testimonials.  Our clients are happy with our results and out of the Merry-Go-Round of constantly buying & selling one model for another,  trying in vain to achieve a musically satisfying system.

Hire The Upgrade Company only if you want the very best in audio and video reproduction. 

David J. Schulte, the founder of The Upgrade Company,  is a seasoned military defense technology and consumer electronics innovator with 7 issued U.S. Patents, with more underway at USPTO.

For over 35 years, The Upgrade Company has pioneered the development RFI EMI shielding, dissipation, attenuation and dampening techniques for the most demanding audiophiles & videophiles. The Upgrade Company's RFI EMI RIDDANCE technology and its unique implementation are revolutionary and without peer. 

By and large, since Upgrade Co does not advertise, most consumers to date are totally unaware and uneducated about RFI/EMI power & signal contamination and the overall the "For Profit Built" buck naked RFI/EMI contaminated power supply, signal paths, active parts inside all consumer electronics, regardless of MSRP or magazine praise. ALL high-end audio and video manufacturers, regardless of prestige or retail cost, use cost-cutting techniques and bulk low cost parts to maintain their profitability, especially with costs rising every year.  Manufacturers may not install nor approximate our RFI/EMI technologies due to U.S. Trade Secret & U.S. patent law. Top of the line models recommended in audio/video publications still contain an alarming number of generic, low cost capacitors, resistors, op-amps, voltage regulators, diodes and wiring. In short, you’re not getting your money’s worth.  All too frequently, high end products share similar or identical circuit design with entry level models.  This is especially true because just a few companies build the numerous audio and video labels on the market today, The most expensive models are built with the same parts inside the cheap models are.  The difference is typically an expensive heavy outer case, metal remote control and a thick steel bottom plate, adding weight to make a piece feel expensive.  Inside they are ALL built FOR PROFIT and NAKED/UNSHIELDED from RFI & EMI

Unless The Upgrade Company has upgraded it, you're not getting your money's worth! Regardless of price or brand prestige, all brands worldwide are manufactured BUCK NAKED inside: constant collection & amplification of airborne  radio frequencies shrinking power supply storage by a factor of 10x-100x ruining signal fidelity. High cost brands continue to use low cost generic electronic parts, the cheapest wiring and power supply parts which smear and grain the sound & picture quality, preventing the latest software advances from operating at it's theoretical potential.  This includes the most expensive Hi-Fi audio & video equipment on the market including professional brands.  There exists tremendous performance potential inside all electronics.

Hi-Fi salesmen and manufacturers want you to keep buying new equipment.  

We don’t blame them—that’s what they are on the sales floor for, but clearly they have no interest in you becoming totally satisfied with what you already own.  That’s not in their interest but it is in yours.  Reviewers and salesman want you to buy whatever they're recommending so they can make a buck instead of making you truly satisfied, because once you like what you have, you'll get off the merry-go-round of buying & selling equipment and cables and finally have a system that sounds the way YOU want it to sound.

What we believe 

Our greatest assets include our unique trade secret protected patent pending RFI EMI RIDDANCE Technology, our trained diligent employees, and inventor David Schulte's 34 years of experience in high end audio and video. The Upgrade Company is a proud organization, exhibiting the same dignity, dedication, and pursuit of excellence in every product we upgrade.  Because meeting our clients' goals is what is most important to us, we are most effective when we work collaboratively, listening to the needs and aspirations of our clients, adding to the conversation our long experience, knowledge of technology, and love of music, concerts & films.

 OUR PRIVACY POLICY:  The Upgrade Company LLC does not sell share or distribute customer information.



 (6) USPTO Patents Issued


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