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Need the ultimate in High Performance? Discover for yourself how much untapped performance High End audio really has!

Our SE upgraded versions of the latest models are State of the Art

Our unique RFI EMI RIDDANCE TECHNOLOGY strips millions of unwanted pulses from the signal paths power supplies all of which otherwise get reproduced right along with the music & video signals. This frees up 10-100 times the available power supply energy in any given millisecond to more faithfully reproduce the intended music & video signals to STATE OF THE ART Bass response becomes THE BEST as a result, so does liquidity, musicality, ease, palpability, slam, dynamics, sparkle, depth, articulation, clarity, extremely 3D live right before you feeling on music & film is just tremendous when the rest of your system has also been SE upgraded with the same unique RFI EMI RIDDANCE TECHNOLOGY. All brands of non-Upgrade Company upgraded high-end audio (and video) are highly compromised.  The latest magazine reviewed models fail to come close sonically to the same model which has been upgraded by The Upgrade Company.  

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In the industry full of exaggerating sales people and magazine reviewers hungry for ever more free gear to sell for $$$, forgive me for saying it's hard to believe. How in the world do you get midfi and discontinued models etc to outperform the latest Class A rated Editors choice Top Pick Recommended Components praised models?


Because ALL brands are compromised built to a price point and moreover constantly, every fraction of every millisecond, collecting RF pulses out of the airwaves all around us everywhere, which RUINS signal fidelity.

Just 1 WiFi router emits 2.4 billion RFI pulses per SECOND, (your electronics are also collecting all your neighbors WiFi and another 10-20 RF generators in your household emitted by all kinds of devices) which the buck naked 
non-RF attenuated stock models at all price points, become overloaded by, amplifying & consuming most of the power supply storage within each unit in your system.

Remember music signals are 16Hz at low end up ~30,000Hz with overtones at the high end averaging just tens of thousands of pulses per second, just a small fraction of the BILLIONS of total pulses the buck naked top
of the line megabuck models are also collecting and amplifying, which constantly drain & empty both local & main power supply reservoir capacitors, giving a thin sound,  weak bass, shrunken soundstage, hazy gritty peaky and forward as a result. A spectrum analyzer proves this out.  Remember humans cannot hear RFI. 

Listening is unmistakable.  Remarkable. Cumulative & exponential as each TimePortal Cable & SE Upgraded RFI EMI RIDDED product is inserted into your system.  

We KNOW you’ll agree.

That’s why we offer a full 30 day in-system trial period to find out for yourself, backed up by our 5 year parts & labor warranty.  


Discover how AWESOME Music & Movies can REALLY perform!
30 Day Return Period With Every Sale

You can decide for yourself during our NEW 30 DAY RETURN PERIOD

 5 Year Warranty

Trust your own ears & eyes instead of someone else's

You're simply not getting your money's worth out of high cost gear.

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Stock mass-produced audio or video equipment even at the very highest price levels and magazine hype, never satisfies long term because it is contaminated with radio frequencies and low frequency electro magnetic radiation from within itself and right out of the airwaves that are all around us, unless it has been upgraded By The Upgrade Company.
The Upgrade Company provides it's clients with satisfying performance that will keep you happy for years.  Finally you can get off the merry-go-round of buying and selling equipment and achieve audio nirvana. 
In short, here's what's going on with all stock audio or video equipment:
Cheap parts & wiring, lack of any internal shielding, attenuation or dampening of radio frequency & electromagnetic radiation.  Naked wiring, naked parts, naked circuit boards.  All metal attracts & collects radio frequencies ruining performance in all brands of Hi-Fi & Video.  Try a piece of fish string or kite line for an antenna - it won't work at all.  Only metal conductors collect radio frequencies. That means that all of the wiring, metal leads on parts, metal circuit traces inside DAC's, video scalers, op-amps etc. all parts inside all brands of HiFi & video are in fact collecting radio frequencies millions of times per second severely compromising both audio & video performance. The Upgrade Company is the only consumer electronics company effectively dealing with this issue.
Every electronic part and wire in the signal path can be thought of as an interconnect, and every electronic part and wire in the power supply can be thought of as a power cord.  Our upgrades are in essence replacing a high number of interconnects and power cords within your components AND shielding & dissipating them! The effects are remarkable. Far greater then replacing the interconnects and power cords OUTSIDE the components.
The finest most expensive medical, military, aerospace and commercial telecom equipment and space satellites are extensively shielded inside to preserve and maintain absolute signal fidelity and not waste power supply energy. However consumer electronics have NEVER been RFI Ridded until The Upgrade Company pioneered this technology in consumer electronics back in 1980, more then 33 years ago.
Take a look inside any brand of consumer electronics, irregardless of cost or magazine hype. Note the wiring, circuitry, and all chipsets including DAC's, video scalers, op-amps, diode bridges, DSP chips, RAM memory chips, etc. all left the manufacturer naked and unshielded in consumer electronics until The Upgrade Company pioneered and incorporated the use of specialized parts and shielding techniques to both shield chipsets to rid RFI & EMI from becoming a part of both signal content and power supplies.  Until The Upgrade Company came along, high end audio and video equipment left the factory fully naked and exposed to both it's own internal as well as external radio frequency and electromagnetic contamination, right out of the airwaves from both inside the unit itself and collected externally through slots and holes in the chassis. RFI can pass full strength through a single hole the size of a pencil tip causing your DAC and Video scaler and op-amps to spend FAR MORE time & power supply storage reproducing radio frequency radiation right along the actual music or video signals. Even worse, RF generating clocks controlling the audio and video are often located just millimeters-centimeters away from the actual audio & video signal carrying chipsets, literally bombarding them with extraneous RF energies which become reproduced as well as amplified right along with the music and video.  
   Simply do the math:
Music pulses from approx 20 cycles per second to 30,000 pulses per second, arguably averaging only 2,000-6,000 pulses per second with most music. Contrast that vs. total RFI radiation of 300,000 + pulses per second given off from the numerous clocks inside modern brands of Hi-Fi and Video.
So let's do the math:  3,000 pulses per second on average for a song versus 300,000 RFI pulses per second being collected and reproduced right along with the music.  Therefore RF radiation is being reproduced 100 times more then the music is.  100 times more power supply energy is spent reproducing RFI contamination.  Said another way, RF contamination depletes power supplies 100 times faster then the music itself, again which averages only 2,000-6,000 cycles or pulses per second.  Non Upgrade Company upgraded models spend more time reproducing RF radiation then actual the actual audio or video signals. The RFI pulses emitted by just a single 30khz clock inside your gear is still TEN times the pulse/cycle rate of the music on average.  Also bear in mind that the typical amplitude (volume) of music is below 1 volt until it finally reaches the output stage inside the power amplifiers. Under 1 volt is close to the same volume as the RF contamination spewed spherically by the various clocks inside the unit.  Much of the music in the analog & digital domains is in the millivolt range, millionths to hundredths of a volt.  About the same volume as RFI.  Just 2 volts of volume from a digital source or preamplifier is enough to drive power amplifiers into full maximum output. Non-Upgrade Company stock models expend most of their energy and time reproducing RFI & EMI
Salespeople, the majority of whom know next to nothing about engineering, often claim that RFI is not an issue with vinyl analog playback nor the older supposedly all analog pre and power amplifiers.  Dead wrong.  The entire LP chain from the cantilever to the cartridge coils and metal parts to the cartridge leads, sharp edges on cartridge lead pin clips, tonearm leads, phono preamplifier or step-up coil, all of these contain metal which attracts RFI like a sponge right out of the airwaves that are all around us constantly.  This has the effect of greatly diminishing performance in every sonic parameter.
RFI collection inside Hi-Fi can be measured easily with the proper equipment and has been found to contain a multitude of radio frequencies collected right out of the airwaves which are then passed right along to other components in the signal path to become amplified along with the music, causing prematurely depleted power supplies (10-1000 times the pulse rate of the music or video) and squashed dead dull flat one dimensional thin peaked sound quality versus the same unit that has been upgraded by The Upgrade Company.  
In addition, supposedly all-analog gear from names like Ayre, Bryston, Classe, Krell, Audio Research  etc, contain 1 or more digital clocks to operate.  These clocks are properly termed "Radio frequency generators".  Each clock radiates it's performance robbing RFI out into the air inside the unit which is then collected immediately by every electronic part and every wire becoming mixed in with the actual signals and power supply storage.  All brands are guilty of this unless The Upgrade Company has upgraded it.  All brands are severely compromised and exhibit poor signal integrity due to their naked digital as well as analog chipsets and power supplies to spend a minimum of 10 times the amount of time spent reproducing  the intended signal content itself.  RFI is constantly collected from the internal clocks as well as RFI that travels in along interconnects and power cords, which also act as antenna's constantly collecting RFI & EMI.  It all adds up to hundreds of thousands of pulses per second, up to 100 times the energy and time is spent reproducing RFI over the actual music or video content.  Because RFI collection and contamination occurs at ten times or more the pulses per second the music or video content contains, your gear spends FAR MORE time reproducing RFI then it does the actual audio or video signal content.  Bear in mind that humans cannot hear radio frequencies so you do not notice this, other then the poor performance you hear & see versus the live unrecorded unreproduced event.  Because DAC chips and op-amps and video scaling chips are but a few examples of chipsets and electronic parts which contain metal just like antenna's do. Then we have all of the metal circuit board traces and all of the wiring which are in fact also constantly collecting all of the radio frequencies generated by the numerous clocks inside the unit as well as millions of frequencies of RFI which are in the airwaves all around us.  Typically well over 100ft of antenna inside the typical consumer audio or video unit when you add up all the signal traces, wiring, transformer wiring, length of traces embedded within the chipsets etc.  It is no wonder the promise of digital has never lived up to the best analog. The best analog playback devices still fall short of the live original event. Remember that phono cartridges and analog microphone and phono preamplifiers collect and amplify and inject RFI into your music signal content just as digital does. 

 What does our "Signature Edition upgrade" include?

Includes our 100% Buy Back Guaranteed TO FAR SURPASS ALL OTHER MODIFICATIONS & ALL cost-is-no-object models costing tens of thousands of dollars more.

1) New high-end electronic parts

2) New Wiring

3) Our RFI/EMI Shielding

4) Our RFI/EMI Dissipation

5) Our RFI/EMI Dampening

6) Our RFI/EMI Attenuation

7) Vibration Dampening

8) New Furutech IEC inlet

9) Banishment of digital and analog jitter

10) Dramatic increase in available power supply storage

11) 100% Guaranteed State of the Art performance  

12) Clean & deoxidize all jacks with DeOxit

13) Tighten all fasteners inside and out

14) Ensure unit exceeds all factory specifications

15) Certify and document unit as "Signature Edition upgraded"

16) Clean unit both inside and out

17) Issue serialized & dated Signature Edition upgrade certificate


Here's what’s going on with all stock "high end" audio & video gear:

No internal shielding/attenuation/dissipation/dampening of radio frequency nor electromagnetic radiation. Nothing to prevent external RF from being soaked up by every metal containing part and wire inside the unit and reproduced right along with the music above a range at which you can hear, however it ruins performance: weak bass, flat fuzzy veiled, irritating, low rez, spatially flat, loss of imaging, etc.
Naked signal wiring, naked power supply wiring & parts, naked video scalers, naked op-amps, naked DSP chipsets, naked DAC's, ALL naked electronic parts & naked wiring. Because all chipsets and all electronic parts and wiring contain metal, they attract & collect radio frequencies and magnetic radiation injecting both RFI and EMI energies into the music and video. This has the constant effect of causing washed out grainy flat dull sound and picture quality. Sub par performance that is nowhere near live. The most expensive brands are all NAKED inside, contaminated with unintended harmful out of bandwidth energies that rob power supplies hundreds of thousands of times per SECOND. Self-generated radio frequency contamination depletes power supplies roughly 100 times faster then the actual music or video signals do.
Naked parts & wiring = Poor Signal Fidelity & Poor Performance
   Most salesmen and magazine reviewers are totally unaware of how compromised stock "high end audio" truly is.

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Disclaimer: We believe but do not guarantee that the information on this website is correct at the time of publication.

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